Success Stories

From the Army to ABCs

Michael Cheramie photo

Michael Cheramie

Class of 2015

“Wake Tech helped me realize who I am and where I want to be.”

    — Michael Cheramie

Michael Cheramie is a 27-year-old army reservist who lives in Raleigh – a long way from the war zone where he served in Afghanistan. Michael is now working on a new mission, one that has been several years in the making: educating children.  

Michael enlisted in the army after high school. He served for four years, including a deployment to Afghanistan, before transferring to the army reserves. In 2010, he decided he wanted to continue his education, but without a clear vision on the career he wanted to pursue, Michael contacted Wake Tech: “I wanted to explore my options in a cost-effective way.”  

Michael took a variety of classes at Wake Tech, but it wasn’t until he volunteered at a summer camp for kids that he zeroed in on his true calling. He enrolled in Wake Tech’s Early Childhood Education program and hasn’t looked back, even though he’s often the only male in class. “I like being able to provide a different perspective,” Michael says.  Michael says the Early Childhood Education instructors are “amazing” and provide real-world advice as well as educational support. “I talk to them about my studies and their experiences working in the field. It’s been so helpful!”  

Michael has worked full time while taking classes at Wake Tech, and already has a job at a child care center. After graduation, he plans to transfer to UNC-Greensboro to complete a bachelor’s degree – and possibly a master’s. “I would love to come back and teach at Wake Tech some day!” he says. “Wake Tech helped me realize who I am and where I want to be.”

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