Test Tips

Wireless Warning

If you use a wireless Internet connection to take tests in Blackboard, be aware that your connection may be interrupted by interference from a cell phone, blue-tooth device, cordless telephone, microwave oven, or another Wi-Fi network.

Blackboard Mobile Learn App

Although the Bb Mobile Learn App is a very convenient way to connect to an online course, be aware that the smallest interruption in your data signal can sever your connection to a test in Blackboard. In addition, assignments, collaboration tools, and flash-based content or videos may not work well with a mobile device.


Use a desktop computer that is hardwired to an Internet connection or temporarily hardwire a laptop to a modem with a Category 5 (Cat 5) Ethernet cable to minimize the risk of losing your connection while you are working on tests or assignments in Blackboard.

Dial-up Connection

If you are using a dial-up Internet connection, you may lose it if you exceed the designated time limit (usually 20 or 30 minutes) for inactive browsing set by your Internet service provider (ISP). Do not close the exam! Reconnect to your ISP to complete your test. TIP: Your time-out settings should be set to the maximum. Contact your ISP for assistance.

Tips for Taking ONLINE Tests and Quizzes

  • Don't wait until the last few hours that your test is available to begin taking the test. If you have technical problems, you may not be able to resolve them in time to complete your exam before the test window expires.
  • Prior to taking a test, reboot your computer, particularly if it has been running for a while. This will free memory resources and provide a fresh connection to Blackboard.
  • Disable your pop-up blocker and sign out of instant messaging and e-mail.
  • Maximize the test window before you begin. Do not minimize the window during the test.
  • Single-click exam links―never double-click. Double-clicking will lock you out of an exam.
  • During a test, do not click on any of Blackboard's navigation buttons, the Refresh button, or your browser's Back button. You may be locked out of a test if you click anywhere outside of the test.
  • Single-click (do not double-click) the Submit button when you complete a test.
  • E-mail your instructor immediately if have a problem with an exam or quiz. In the e-mail, tell your instructor what you were doing when the problem occurred, what browser you were using, and identify your Internet service provider. Include the time, date, error messages, or any other relevant information.