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Turn Off Pop-Up Blockers

You have the option to disable any pop-up ad blocker programs installed on your system. Pop-up blocker applications work in the background while you browse the Internet. When they detect a pop-up window that may be an unwanted advertisement, they automatically close the window. This functionality can prevent you from seeing and/or downloading files in Blackboard.

Pop-up blockers may be installed as part of a browser toolbar, as part of your browser, as part of your virus protection software or even as a separate program.

Generally you have a choice of disabling the pop-up blocker entirely or enabling trusted sites. The process varies depending on the configuration of your computer, antivirus and browser.

To enable Java script in Internet Explorer

  1. Click on Tools in the menu bar.
  2. Choose Internet Options.
  3. Click on Security tab.
  4. Click on the Internet icon.
  5. Click on Custom Level button.
  6. Scroll down until you see Scripting of Java Applets (under Scripting).
  7. Set this to Enable.
  8. Click on OK.

File-naming Conventions Are critical!

Naming Conventions

When placing files into Blackboard as a Discussion Board attachment, e-mail attachment, Course Materials link and as an Assignment attachment, it is important to name the files properly before attaching them. Below are a few file-naming conventions that should be followed. File names should not be longer than 32 characters including the file extension (.doc).


  • Dog.doc
  • theDogRan.doc
  • thedogran.doc
  • Dog1.doc
  • Dog_1.doc


  • dog ran.doc
  • dog-ran.doc
  • dog&ran.doc
  • Dog#1.doc
  • dog/ran.doc
  • dog.ran.doc
  • the dog ran over the fence across the field.doc