Mission, Goals, and Outcomes

Program Mission

The mission of the Wake Technical Community College Medical Sonography Program is to provide students with a comprehensive education in medical sonography.  The Sonography program is committed to providing the healthcare community with competent and professional entry-level sonographers.

Program Goals

The following program goals prepare students to be competent entry-level sonographers in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains. Graduates of Wake Technical Community College's Diagnostic Sonography program will be able to:

Demonstrate knowledge of skills basic to the Medical Sonography Profession. (Cognitive)

  1. Students will utilize critical thinking skills during the performance of sonographic exams to provide optimal results.
  2. Correlate ultrasound images with patient history and clinical findings.
  3. Students will demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills.

Demonstrate competence in skills basic to Diagnostic Medical Sonography. (Psychomotor)

  1. Students will demonstrate the ability to efficiently perform basic Abdominal, Obstetrical, and Gynecological ultrasound examination at an acceptable level of competence.
  2. Students will provide proper patient care.
  3. Students will document complete and accurate findings of sonographic studies.

Students will demonstrate professionalism. (Affective)

  1. Students will demonstrate professional behavior in the clinical setting.
  2. Students will be able to demonstrate effective communication to patients and members of the healthcare team.
  3. Students will demonstrate professional behavior in the class and lab setting

Program Effectiveness Measures

  1. Students will complete the program.
  2. Students will pass the national certification exam on the first attempt.
  3. Graduates will be gainfully employed within twelve (12) months post-graduation.
  4. Graduates of the program will indicate satisfaction with preparation for employment.
  5. Employers will be satisfied with the performance of newly-hired diagnostic sonographers.