Activate Key Account


You must wait at least 2.5 hours after submitting your application before attempting to activate your account.

These are the items you will need, please check them off as you gather the information:

   1.   Your Wake Tech ID number
Retrieve your student ID number from WebAdvisor (you will need to use your Social Security number).

If you do not wish to use your Social Security number, please try these methods:

  • Blackboard (if you take online classes)
    • Log in, then click "Personal Information"
    • Click "Edit Personal Information" on the next page to view your Wake Tech ID number
  • See your advisor
  • Contact myhelpdesk

   2.  Your Key Account user ID / login
Your User ID is the ID you will use to log in. It is made up of your first initial, middle initial and last name. Occasionally, there will be a sequence number at the end. To find out your User ID, use WebAdvisor.

   3.  Your birthday
Your birthday must be entered in MM/DD/YYYY format. Therefore, if you were born on January 2, 2002, your birthday would be entered as 01/02/2002.

   4.  Your first and last name
Your full and legal first name and last name

   5.  A strong password that you can remember

  • Must be at least eight characters in length
  • Cannot contain your account name or parts of your full name that exceed two consecutive characters
  • Contains characters from three of the following four categories:
    • English uppercase characters (A-Z)
    • English lowercase characters (a-z)
    • Base 10 digits (0-9)
    • Non-alphabetic characters: for example   @   #   %  :   -
  • Cannot contain the characters:   !   &   { }  ~   "   `   '   < >  +   =   [   ] * $

Once you have all this information, you are ready to activate your account below.

NOTE: Upon two consecutive years of student inactivity, a student's Wake Tech email account will be removed, and the student will no longer have access to it.