Exit Counseling

Federal Direct Loan borrowers are required to complete a loan exit counseling when they drop below half time, leave the college due to withdrawal or graduation. This interview covers the basic terms and conditions of the loan program and provides information on loan repayment. The U.S. Department of Education wants to ensure that students review the terms of their loan and understand their rights and responsibilities under this program as they enter repayment.

  1. Sign on to studentloans.gov. You will be able to print out a record of your federal student loans as well as your estimated payments under the available payment programs
  1. The login page will request your Federal Student Aid ID and Password. (and will help you if you have forgotten your FSA ID and Password)
  2. Click on Complete Counseling and then click the “Start” button under Exit Counseling.
  3. Use the drop-down menu and choose "North Carolina" and then "Wake Technical Community College"
  4. Major concepts concerning loan repayment will be review followed by short questionnaires. You MUST answer each question. The correct answers will be displayed after you hit the "submit" button.
  5. Know Who Will Be Sending You A Bill: The Loan Summary Page will display all your Federal Direct Stafford Loans and Family Federal Education Loans that have been reported by every post-secondary school you have attended to the NSLDS system. You can get detailed loan information by clicking on the number link.
    • Learn more about loan servicers at https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/repay-loans/understand/servicers 
    • Effective July 1, 2010, all federal student loans (Stafford, PLUS, and Grad PLUS) will be originated through the Federal Direct Loan Program.  The Family Federal Education Loan Program, which permitted private lenders to originate these loans, was eliminated effective June 30, 2010. Therefore, many of our students may have loans with different loan servicers.  If you have different loan servicers you may want to consider consolidating your loans when entering repayment.
    • Learn more about loan consolidation at https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/repay-loans/consolidation
  1. Reference Page: References will only be contacted IF a borrower moves and fails to update his/ her address with the Department of Education. This information must be completed by the borrower. References have no legal liability for your loan. You will need to provide complete address information for three references (one should be your parents or another relative).
  • Borrowers will also be asked to provide the following optional information:
    • Employer
    • E-mail
    • Driver’s License Number and Driver’s License State