Submitting A Financial Aid Academic Appeal

Instructions for submitting a financial aid satisfactory academic progress appeal - Students whose financial aid is suspended due to not meeting the grade point average and/or completion rate requirement may appeal if they have extenuating circumstances that contributed to the poor academic performance. You are required to submit documentation to support your explanation.

  1. The SAP Appeal form is submitted online.
  2. You must submit documentation to support your appeal. Your documentation should be uploaded and attached to your appeal submission. Your appeal will be considered incomplete and denied if documentation is not submitted.
  3. You must explain how the barriers to your success were resolved and provide a plan of steps you have taken to assure future success. Your appeal will be denied if you do not provide a clear, concise, and relevant plan.
  4. An SAP Calculator is now available to assist you in determining the number of credit hours you need to successfully complete in future semesters and the grades you will need to earn in order to maintain financial aid eligibility.

Fall 2020

Appeals Submitted by Decisions by
By June 26 July 15
June 27 - July 13 July 31
July 14 - July 24 August 12
July 25 - August 14 September 14
August 15 - September 7 September 25
September 8 - September 28
(for students starting second mini-mester classes)
October 13

SAP Appeals will be viewed according to the schedule below with the following exceptions:

  • Students who are enrolled in summer 2020 and submit an appeal by July 24 can expect a decision by August 21.  This means that if you pre-register for fall 2020, you are responsible for payment of tuition and fees for the fall 2020 semester by the posted payment deadline.
  • If the appeal is approved the appropriate reimbursements will be made according to the posted refund schedule.