EPIC’s success lies in the broad distribution of faculty, staff and administrators who work on cross-functional and multidisciplinary teams to develop, implement and sustain EPIC eLearning Quality Standards, an online student orientation, and a faculty certification program.  Since 2014, over one hundred faculty, staff, and administrators have worked on the creation and implementation of EPIC. 

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Certified EPIC Faculty and Staff Directory

EPIC Online Certified Faculty

EPIC Online Certified Faculty have completed 30 hours of EPIC training or completed certification via Peer Review

Last Name First Name F/T or Adjunct Division Date Certified
Adams Dana F/T AET May-17
Adjei Akwasi Adjunct CT Apr-18
Aguirre-Rabon Melania Staff AHSS Apr-17
Albahrawy Diane F/T BPST Jul-16
Albright Tammy F/T HS Feb-17
Al-Ghandour Majed Adjunct CT Apr-17
Allen Benjamin F/T AHSS Nov-16
Allen Phyllis F/T ASTR Dec-16
Allen John Adjunct BPST March-18
Allen DeeDee F/T MSE Dec-16
Alston Estelle Adjunct HS Apr-17
Aman Natalie F/T BPST Apr-16
Anderton-Brown Alecia F/T CT Dec-16
Andrews Ying Adjunct CT Apr-17
Anglin Andre Staff elearning June-17
Annis John F/T BPST Oct-16
Applequist Ken Adjunct CT May-17
Arias Sophia F/T AHSS Jul-16
Arias Hugo F/T Staff Apr-17
Arnette Robyn F/T AHSS Aug-16
Arnold Jon Adjunct Academic Foundations March-18
Asfari Amin F/T BPST Aug-16
Askew Paula F/T BPST Apr-17
Atkins Margaret F/T BPST Nov-16
Auman Stacey F/T MSE July-18
Austin Sue F/T ASTR June-17
Ayangma Alain F/T MSE Apr-17
Aycock Sarah Adjunct AHSS July-18
Aydlett Alison F/T MSE May-17
Babel Becky Adjunct BPST Oct-16
Bacik Stephanie Adjunct BPST Jul-16
Bailey Phillip Adjunct AHSS Feb-17
Bailey Wendy Adjunct CT Feb-17
Baker Betty Adjunct BPST Dec-16
Baker James Adjunct BPST Dec-16
Bakken John F/T MSE May-17
Baley Thomas Adjunct CT July-17
Barbour Angela F/T BPST Apr-17
Barnes Stacy F/T ASTR Oct-17
Barrie Ijatu F/T BPST Dec-16
Barthelmess Tara F/T AET May-18
Bartholomew Beverly F/T CT Oct-16
Barton Denise F/T BPST May-16
Bass Cranston Adjunct BPST July-17
Beaman Thomas F/T AHSS April-18
Bell Megan F/T AHSS Oct-16
Bennett Katherine Adjunct CT Nov-16
Benter Amanda F/T AHSS Nov-17
Berg Gene Adjunct BPST June-17
Berry Rebecca F/T AHSS Aug-15
Berry Alden Adjunct BPST May-16
Best Mariah F/T BPST Nov-16
Betts Anna F/T AHSS Apr-18
Bird Tammy Adjunct AHSS July-18
Blacik Victoria F/T AHSS July-17
Blakeley Erin Adjunct (F/T) BPST Oct-16
Blanchard Brandi F/T CT Oct-16
Blount Briana F/T MSE May-17
Bonner Diane F/T AET Aug-17
Boone Sarah F/T AHSS Apr-17
Booth Neighbors Cynthia F/T AHSS Dec-15
Bouknight-Lyons Cyntria F/T CT May-17
Bowden Nicholas F/T AHSS Nov-16
Bowen Susan Adjunct   June-17
Bowers Joshua F/T MSE Nov-16
Brackett Holly F/T AET Oct-16
Branch-Johnson Saundra F/T BPST Oct-17
Breivogel Kimberly F/T AHSS Dec-16
Brock Michael Adjunct AHSS Oct-16
Broden Jane Adjunct BPST July-17
Brousseau Laurie F/T CT Jul-16
Brown Lori Adjunct AHSS Feb-17
Brown Tomeko Adjunct   July-17
Brust Jason F/T AHSS Oct-17
Buchanan Debra F/T AHSS Feb-17
Buck Jocelyn F/T BPST June-17
Bunn Charles F/T BPST Dec-16
Burford Brandon F/T AHSS Oct-16
Burgess-Rodriguez Natosha Staff elearning Oct-17
Burk Cheryl F/T ASTR July-18
Butrico Michael Adjunct AHSS Apr-18
Byrnes Thomas Adjunct BPST Dec-16
Cade Christine F/T MSE Oct-17
Cahoon Elizabeth F/T BPST June-17
Campos Rosa Suya F/T BPST Apr-17
Cannon Shaneeka Staff BPST July-18
Capps Michelle Adjunct (F/T) AHSS Jul-16
Carapelle Beverly F/T AHSS Apr-17
Carawon Robert F/T CT Feb-17
Carey Tom Adjunct CT May-17
Carpenter Wendy Adjunct MSE Feb-17
Carrington Tara Adjunct BPST May-17
Carter Tina Adjunct (F/T) CT Apr-17
Caruso Lauren Adjunct AHSS Nov-17
Cash Vanessa F/T Con Ed July-18
Castellow Elizabeth F/T AHSS Feb-17
Chao Frank F/T CT Apr-17
Chapman James F/T BPST Apr-17
Cheatham Tracy F/T MSE Jun-16
Chen Chen-Pi F/T CT May-17
Chew Kristen F/T AHSS Nov-16
Chi Michael F/T AHSS Jul-16
Chrismon Breten Adjunct CT May-17
Christie Mary F/T MSE Feb-17
Chu Theresa Adjunct AHSS Oct-17
Church Elizabeth F/T AHSS Feb-17
Clinton Robert Adjunct CT Nov-16
Clinton Wendy F/T MSE Nov-16
Cole Tracey Adjunct (F/T) BPST Jul-16
Coles Barbara Staff HS Feb-17
Consol Alison F/T CT Aug-15
Copperthwaite Joan Adjunct CT Aug-16
Corbett Lee F/T AHSS Oct-16
Corley Bethany Adjunct MSE Aug-17
Cornell Kimberly F/T BPST May-16
Covington Kathryn F/T Staff May-17
Cox Samantha F/T BPST May-16
Cox George F/T CT Jul-16
Cranford Martha Adjunct AHSS Jun-17
Creghan James Adjunct AHSS Jul-17
Crews Brandon F/T CT Jul-16
Cruz Omayra F/T AHSS Apr-17
Cui Hong F/T CT Oct-16
Currie Christopher F/T AHSS Dec-17
Cylar Michael Adjunct CT Aug-17
D'Agata Nicolas F/T CT Nov-15
Daniel Linda F/T MSE Feb-17
Daniels John F/T BPST Feb-17
Darvish Ali F/T CT Nov-16
Davis Howard F/T AHSS May-17
Davis Elizabeth F/T ASTR July-18
Davis Scott Adjunct BPST Apr-17
Dawes Karen F/T AHSS May-16
Dawson Debra F/T BPST May-18
De Alba Marlys F/T AET Jun-17
Deaton Brenda Adjunct CT Oct-16
DeCain Mark F/T CT Apr-17
Dees Lori F/T AHSS Aug-17
Demarco Leslie F/T BPST July-17
Dennis Phillip F/T AHSS May-16
DeSimone Carolyn F/T CT Feb-17
Dibartolo Cheryl Adjunct AHSS Oct-16
DiDonato Cathleen F/T ASTR Dec-16
DiMichelo Danielle Adjunct BPST Dec-16
Dixon John Adjunct BPST Dec-16
Dixon Cocoa F/T MSE Oct-16
Dockery Tyler F/T CT Aug-16
Doughney Erin F/T MSE Aug-17
Dry David Adjunct AHSS Nov-17
Duangudom Suvanida F/T Staff Nov-17
Eatmon Justin F/T AHSS May-17
Eaton Kimberly F/T AHSS Aug-16
Eddington Lora Staff AET Aug-16
Edmonds Akinyi Adjunct CT Feb-17
Edwards Verna F/T CT Aug-16
Engel Susan Adjunct CT Jul-16
Enkema Philip Adjunct CT May-16
Epps Kory Adjunct   June-17
Eskandari Aisha F/T CT Nov-16
Etheridge John F/T AHSS Nov-16
Evans Raven Adjunct AHSS Apr-17
Evans Julie F/T CT Jul-16
Evans Shelley F/T Staff Dec-16
Evarts Jennifer F/T AHSS Jan-16
Faircloth Kimberly F/T CT Aug-16
Fargo Patrick F/T CT Jul-16
Farnung Chris Adjunct AHSS Jul-16
Fidance Sandra Adjunct CT Apr-17
Fields Jacqueline F/T ASTR May-17
Fishback Kimberly F/T MSE Oct-16
Fleggas Elena F/T AHSS Apr-17
Flockhart Tyler F/T AHSS May-18
Flynt Suzanne Adjunct AHSS June-17
Ford Charisee Adjunct CT Feb-17
Ford Leighton F/T MSE May-17
Foster Patricia F/T AHSS Oct-16
Foster Cindy F/T CT Aug-15
Fox Allison F/T AHSS Jul-16
Fox Sarah F/T AHSS March-18
Frear Lori F/T MSE Nov-15
Friend Linda Adjunct MSE June-17
Fryar Mara Adjunct (F/T) AHSS Oct-16
Fussell Karen F/T ASTR Oct-16
Galeyeva Lyudmila F/T MSE Apr-17
Gantt Nicole F/T ASTR July-18
George-Cassell Jennifer Adjunct   Apr-18
Gholami Hossein Adjunct   Feb-17
Gilleland Katharine F/T AHSS Aug-17
Glover Smith Garla Adjunct   July-17
Godwin Barbara Adjunct CT May-17
Goodman Fae Adjunct AHSS Aug-16
Grady Debbie Adjunct BPST July-17
Grady Ryan Adjunct CT March-18
Greenberg Gattis Julie F/T AHSS Apr-17
Grieb Susan F/T AHSS July-18
Griffith Charles Adjunct CT July-17
Grossman Stephanie F/T BPST Jul-16
Grovenstein Tiffany F/T AHSS Dec-16
Grubb Brenda Adjunct   Aug-17
Guellich Joseph F/T MSE Aug-17
Guerrant Susan F/T CT Jul-16
Guffey Timothy F/T BPST June-17
Hadley Deborah F/T BPST May-16
Haigler Joseph F/T AHSS June-17
Haigler Diane F/T ASTR Oct-16
Hall Catherine F/T AHSS Apr-17
Hall Harvey F/T BPST May-17
Halliday Cindy F/T CT Aug-17
Hamilton Billie Adjunct BPST March-18
Hamrick Terri F/T HS May-17
Hanthorn Christy F/T AHSS May-17
Haptemariam Zewdu F/T CT Apr-17
Hardison Jake Adjunct HS Apr-18
Harr James Adjunct AHSS Jul-16
Harrell Laura F/T AHSS Oct-16
Harrington Kimberly F/T CT Dec-16
Harris Geoffrey F/T AHSS May-16
Harris Monique F/T AHSS Oct-17
Harris Jenna-Shae Adjunct CT Nov-17
Harrison April F/T MSE Aug-16
Hartgrove Anna Adjunct BPST Oct-17
Harvel Dawn F/T HS Jul-16
Hasian Ryan Adjunct CT Aug-17
Hatcher Jessica Staff elearning Aug-16
Hathaway Patricia F/T CT Dec-16
Hawkins Joyce F/T CT Feb-17
Hawkins Donna F/T Staff Apr-18
Hawley Chantel F/T AET Apr-18
Hayes Julie F/T CT Oct-16
Heath Kizzy F/T BPST Apr-17
Hedges James F/T MSE Feb-17
Heffner Peter F/T MSE March-18
Henry Matthew F/T CT Jul-16
Herman Drauss Staci F/T BPST July-17
High Stephanie Adjunct AHSS Apr-17
Hill Steven F/T AHSS Dec-16
Hilton Stephanie Adjunct BPST June-17
Hochstaetter Brittany F/T AHSS Nov-16
Hodge Lisa F/T MSE Apr-17
Hoffman Carolyn F/T CT Dec-16
Holliday Emily Staff elearning Aug-16
Hollis Daniel Adjunct BPST Dec-16
Holmquist Selma Adjunct CT Oct-16
Holste Randall F/T AHSS Oct-16
Holt Larry F/T CT May-17
Hoover David Adjunct CT Oct-16
Hopper Lorenzo Adjunct AHSS July-17
Horne Ellen F/T HS Jul-16
Horstman Sarah F/T MSE Apr-17
House Jane Adjunct HS June-17
House Beverly Staff Staff Oct-16
Huang Zanchun Adjunct CT Apr-17
Hull Kaitlyn F/T MSE March-18
Hummer Douglas Staff elearning Aug-17
Hussain Syed F/T CT Nov-17
Hyde Jennie Adjunct AHSS Apr-17
Ihnatolya Charlotte F/T AET Oct-16
Ingram Laura F/T AHSS May-18
Ingram Karen Adjunct BPST Apr-17
Iz Leyla Adjunct   July-17
Izquierdo Jenny Adjunct CT July-17
Jackson Roxanne F/T BPST Feb-17
Jacobs Keith Adjunct CT Aug-17
Jacobs Michael Staff CT July-18
James Christopher F/T CT July-17
Jarecki Jessica Adjunct BPST Oct-17
Johns Claire Adjunct MSE Dec-16
Johnson Gregory F/T AHSS May-16
Johnson Mia F/T BPST Oct-17
Johnson Amber Adjunct CT May-17
Johnson Amber F/T CT Aug-16
Johnson Wanda F/T HS Oct-17
Johnson Nicole F/T HS May-18
Jones Sarah F/T Academic Foundations Nov-17
Jones Brenda F/T AHSS Nov-16
Jones Kathryn Adjunct AHSS March-18
Jones Connie Adjunct BPST Nov-16
Jones Jackie Adjunct (F/T) CT Nov-16
Jones Keil F/T CT Dec-16
Jones Austin F/T MSE Apr-18
Jones Amy Adjunct   Apr-18
Jordan Catherine F/T MSE Feb-17
Kaiser John F/T AHSS Dec-16
Kallimanis Audra F/T AHSS May-16
Kamuabo Jean-Pierre F/T AHSS Nov-16
Kane Shelley F/T BPST Dec-16
Kasten Marc Adjunct AHSS Apr-18
Kauba Sandellyo F/T CT July-17
Keaton-Baker Shannon Adjunct CT Apr-17
Keeley Sarah F/T AHSS Aug-16
Keen Constance F/T AET Dec-17
Keen Karen Adjunct AHSS Nov-17
Kelly Walter Adjunct AET May-17
Kelly Mandy F/T AHSS May-16
Keltz Kelli F/T AHSS Apr-17
Kennedy Ann F/T AHSS May-17
Kerrigan Emily F/T AHSS Apr-17
Kiec Kathryn F/T AHSS Dec-16
King Michael F/T BPST Apr-17
King Rachel Adjunct (F/T) CT Aug-16
Kittrell Corey F/T AHSS Aug-16
Klein Richard F/T AHSS Dec-16
Knighton Deanna Adjunct (F/T) BPST Dec-16
Knowles Curtis Adjunct CT Dec-16
Knox Robert F/T MSE Aug-17
Koretsky Steve Adjunct BPST Apr-17
Kumar Priyanka Adjunct BPST Nov-17
La May Lauren F/T AHSS Apr-17
LaFuente Fister Maria F/T HEP Oct-16
Lahoud Aline Adjunct BPST July-17
Lapeze Jason F/T AHSS Dec-17
Lapointe Michelle Adjunct AHSS Apr-18
Lari Pooneh Staff elearning Aug-17
Latil Byron F/T AET Aug-17
Laudicina Kurt Adjunct AHSS Nov-16
Lechner Kirsten Adjunct AHSS Dec-16
Ledezma Andrea F/T AET July-17
Lee Lisa F/T CT Nov-16
Lee Adam Adjunct CT Aug-17
Leinbach Adrianne F/T MSE May-16
Leone Suzanne F/T AET June-17
Lester Catherine F/T BPST Apr-17
Leung Man Chi F/T CT Feb-17
Leverton Laura F/T MSE Apr-17
Lewis Nicklaus Adjunct (F/T) AHSS July-17
Lightweis Susan Adjunct BPST Dec-16
Lim Lorraine Adjunct CT Apr-17
Lindstrom Jeffrey Adjunct CT Feb-17
Littlefield Brandie F/T MSE Feb-17
Lofton Glenn F/T AET July-17
Lofton Delia F/T HS Feb-17
Love Jennifer F/T AHSS May-17
Lovett Penny F/T AHSS Nov-16
Lowery Jonathan F/T AET May-18
Luna Elizabeth Adjunct CT Dec-16
Lyons Stephen Adjunct BPST Feb-17
MacDonald Jessica Adjunct AHSS May-17
Maginnes Albert F/T AHSS Dec-17
Magnuson Anne F/T MSE Oct-16
Malone Barry F/T AHSS May-17
Maness Deborah F/T AHSS Feb-16
Marand Mark F/T CT Oct-16
Marino Mark F/T AET Apr-17
Markovich Holly F/T MSE Oct-16
Markson Kelly F/T BPST Nov-16
Marquez Francina F/T Staff June-17
Martin Lisa F/T AHSS Aug-16
Martin Tadra Adjunct BPST Aug-17
Mathis Linda Adjunct CT Feb-17
Mayhew Robert F/T AHSS Apr-17
McCoy Marsha F/T AHSS Oct-17
McElvaney Claire F/T AHSS May-16
McElvaney Seth F/T MSE Apr-18
McGuire Steven Adjunct Staff Aug-17
McIntyre Meghan F/T MSE Feb-17
McKee-Schwenke Analemma F/T MSE Apr-17
McKenzie Chad F/T CT Oct-16
McLane Patrick F/T BPST June-17
Meardon Dan Adjunct CT Feb-17
Medlin Eric Adjunct AHSS Apr-18
Meints Jenna Adjunct BPST July-17
Mennear Catherine F/T AHSS Apr-17
Mercer Kerri Adjunct AHSS Dec-16
Migielicz Christina F/T ASTR Nov-16
Mikulecky Jill F/T AET Nov-16
Miller C F/T AHSS Oct-17
Miller Robert F/T CT May-17
Miller Gretchen F/T MSE Feb-17
Miller-Cox Michele Adjunct BPST July-17
Miller-Kittrell Mindy F/T MSE Oct-17
Mills Patricia F/T AET July-18
Mills Doris Adjunct BPST July-17
Mills Marsha Adjunct CT Dec-17
Mills Deborah F/T MSE Feb-17
Milton Matthew F/T AET July-17
Minor Amy F/T AHSS May-16
Minster Joy F/T MSE Aug-17
Mistric Susanne Adjunct (F/T) CT Aug-16
Mitchell Ronald Adjunct CT July-18
Mohamed Rasha F/T Staff May-18
Molin Adolphe F/T CT June-17
Monsky Mark F/T BPST May-16
Moore Emily F/T AHSS Dec-16
Moore Nancey F/T AHSS Apr-17
Moore Lafifia Adjunct BPST Nov-16
Moore Katherine F/T HS Jul-16
Morgan Melanie F/T AHSS Aug-16
Mulholland James Adjunct BPST July-17
Mullen Brenda F/T BPST Nov-16
Murray Kelly F/T AHSS May-16
Mutlu Asli F/T MSE Aug-17
Myers Jeff F/T BPST May-17
Nantz Derrick F/T AHSS Dec-16
Narin Sheri F/T BPST May-16
Neagle Edwin F/T AHSS June-17
Neal Demar F/T AHSS May-17
Neal Debra Adjunct BPST May-17
Neilson James F/T AHSS July-18
Nichols Cam F/T Academic Foundations May-18
Nipper Amy Adjunct AHSS May-17
Nix Shannon Adjunct AHSS Apr-18
Norton Gillian F/T AHSS Apr-17
O'Brien Brittany Adjunct AHSS Aug-17
O'Brien Anderson Erin Catherine F/T AHSS Oct-17
Ogada Nicholas   BPST Oct-17
Olds Kim F/T CT May-16
Oliver Jeremy F/T CT Dec-16
Orazem Mary F/T CT May-17
Osborne Carla F/T CT Jul-16
Outlaw Nolan F/T MSE May-17
Outlaw Brooke F/T MSE July-18
Owen Stephen F/T CT Feb-17
Pabst Brenton Adjunct CT Apr-17
Paden MaryGrace F/T AHSS July-18
Page Jeffrey Adjunct MSE Feb-17
Palmer Shelley Adjunct AHSS Dec-16
Parker Charmaine F/T HS May-17
Parks Joseph F/T CT Apr-17
Parrish David Adjunct AET Apr-17
Parrish Andrea Adjunct CT March-18
Pastor Sharon F/T HS Apr-17
Patel Ashita F/T HS Jul-16
Patterson Michael Adjunct BPST May-17
Paul Pamela F/T CT Oct-16
Paul Andras F/T MSE June-17
Peace Stephanie F/T AHSS May-17
Perry Courtney F/T AHSS Feb-16
Pescosolido Ryan F/T MSE May-16
Pescosolido Kimberly F/T MSE Nov-16
Peterson Heather F/T AHSS Feb-17
Petty Anthony F/T AHSS Nov-17
Phillips David F/T AHSS May-17
Pistacchio Anne F/T HS Nov-17
Politte Paul F/T AHSS Feb-17
Popp Jacqueline F/T AHSS Jul-16
Porch Dennis F/T AHSS Oct-16
Portnoy Matthew Adjunct CT Apr-17
Poulsen Kathleen Adjunct CT May-17
Powell Charles F/T BPST May-17
Powers Lorraine F/T BPST Nov-16
Prescott Stephen F/T BPST July-17
Price Elizabeth Adjunct BPST July-17
Rankin Thomas F/T BPST May-16
Rea Carolyn Adjunct AHSS Feb-17
Reavis Grey Adjunct AHSS Nov-17
Reed Patrick F/T AHSS Oct-17
Reiter Abigail F/T AHSS Jul-16
Rhodes Marny F/T BPST Oct-16
Richardson Robert Adjunct AHSS July-17
Riker Amy F/T BPST Apr-17
Riley Thomas F/T AHSS Dec-16
Rivas Suarez Carlos Adjunct CT Feb-17
Rizzo Susan Adjunct (F/T) CT May-17
Roberson Elizabeth Adjunct CT Jul-16
Roberts Candice F/T MSE May-18
Robinson Ben Adjunct CT Oct-16
Roddenberry Christopher F/T AHSS Aug-16
Rodriguez Wil Adjunct CT Apr-17
Rogers Sharron Staff elearning Jul-16
Rollins Stephanie F/T MSE Dec-16
Romano Joan F/T MSE Jul-16
Roseman Paige F/T AHSS Apr-17
Rosen Paula Adjunct (F/T) CT Apr-16
Rotenberry Walter F/T CT May-17
Rountree Chenita Adjunct HS Dec-16
Rowe Traci F/T AHSS May-16
Rowland Justin F/T BPST June-17
Rufener Bryan F/T AHSS Apr-17
Rusczak Robin Adjunct BPST Aug-17
Russell Nadeen Staff elearning Apr-17
Salazar Hilda F/T AHSS Aug-17
Samieva Aziza F/T AHSS Aug-17
Santos Jan Lee Adjunct MSE Jun-17
Schlieper Mary F/T MSE Oct-17
Schore Michael F/T CT Jul-16
Schroeder Elizabeth F/T AHSS Jun-17
Scoggins Karl F/T AHSS Dec-17
Shah Geeta F/T BPST Oct-16
Shah Manju F/T BPST Jun-17
Shahroudi Sahel F/T Staff May-18
Shalkowski Kristin Adjunct AHSS July-18
Shallcross Judy F/T AHSS Aug-17
Sheuring John F/T CT Apr-17
Shieff Linda F/T Academic Foundations Apr-18
Shovelton Tamara Adjunct AHSS July-17
Shurtleff Emily F/T AHSS Aug-16
Siarova-Hickman Elena Adjunct BPST Apr-17
Sidberry Angela Adjunct (F/T) Benefits Nov-17
Sieradzan Witold F/T CT Nov-16
Sittel Lauren Adjunct ASTR Oct-16
Slaughter Janie F/T BPST Jul-16
Small Nikita F/T CT Feb-17
Smart Andrew F/T AET Nov-17
Smedley Angela F/T AHSS July-17
Smith Elizabeth F/T AHSS Aug-16
Smith Tonisha F/T AHSS Feb-17
Smith Shaun Adjunct AHSS Nov-17
Smith Amber Adjunct CT May-17
Smith Julia F/T MSE Aug-16
Smith James F/T Staff Feb-17
Solomon Leslie Adjunct CT Apr-17
Song Yunqiu F/T AHSS Dec-16
Sonnenberg Yasmine F/T AHSS May-17
Soto Jessica F/T AHSS Aug-16
Sottile Lisa Adjunct CT July-18
Sparks Anna Adjunct AHSS May-16
Spencer Noah Adjunct (F/T) CT Feb-17
Squire Leon F/T CT Dec-17
Stagg Robert F/T BPST March-18
Stall Faye F/T AHSS Dec-16
Stamper Ryan Adjunct CT Dec-16
Stamper Billie Adjunct CT Aug-17
Stanley Adam F/T BPST Aug-16
Staton Mary F/T MSE Apr-17
Stephen Stewart Adjunct AHSS Oct-16
Stombaugh Nan Staff elearning July-18
Stopka Eric F/T BPST June-17
Stowell Deborah F/T CT Jul-16
Strain Larry F/T CT March-18
Strickland William Adjunct CT Jul-16
Strickland Kelly Adjunct CT Feb-17
Stydinger Kevin F/T BPST June-17
Suggs Tyler Adjunct AHSS March-18
Suitte Keva F/T HS May-17
Sutton Kelly F/T AHSS Jul-16
Swearingen Brad F/T CT Aug-16
Sweeney Eileen F/T AHSS Jul-16
Syros Paul Adjunct CT Dec-16
Taft Kimberly Adjunct AHSS Aug-16
Taylor Julie F/T ASTR May-17
Taylor Patricia Adjunct CT Aug-16
Teander Paula F/T AHSS Aug-17
Terry Kathleen Adjunct BPST Apr-17
Thomas Melanie F/T BPST Jun-16
Thompson Donald F/T AHSS Dec-16
Thompson Kenia Adjunct AHSS July-18
Thompson Florianna F/T BPST May-17
Thum Edward Adjunct BPST May-17
Todd Melessia F/T MSE Aug-17
Tompkins Gail F/T MSE Apr-17
Toms Marcia F/T ASTR Apr-17
Traylor Michael Adjunct MSE Oct-16
Trent Judith Adjunct AHSS July-17
Trent Natasha F/T CT Jul-16
Tribble Patrick Adjunct (F/T) elearning June-17
Turner Ken F/T CT Aug-16
Turner Brandon Adjunct AHSS April-18
Tyson Tammy Adjunct BPST Apr-17
Van Brunt Patricia F/T MSE Apr-17
Vege Ratna Adjunct CT Oct-16
Vetter Kelly F/T MSE May-17
Vinson Tony Adjunct CT March-18
Waldner Jennifer Adjunct MSE May-17
Wallace Gregg F/T CT Dec-15
Wallingford Kristen F/T AHSS May-18
Walton Mary Staff elearning Dec-16
Wang Michelle Adjunct BPST Feb-17
Ward Laviece F/T AHSS Oct-16
Warner Barbara F/T CT Apr-17
Washington Angela F/T HS May-16
Wedehase Erin F/T AHSS Oct-16
Welch Elizabeth F/T AHSS Apr-17
Wells John F/T AHSS Aug-16
Whitehead Jason F/T MSE June-17
Wilcox Tammi F/T CT Jul-16
Wilhelm David F/T BPST Aug-16
Wilkins Jeffrey Adjunct AHSS July-18
Williams Patrick F/T AHSS Nov-16
Williams Kristin F/T AHSS May-17
Williams Jetta F/T ASTR Aug-17
Williams Alfred F/T CT May-17
Williams Brenda Adjunct   May-17
Wils James Adjunct AHSS Nov-17
Winrich Diane F/T AET March-18
Winsett Katherine F/T MSE Aug-17
Winston Andreas Adjunct AET June-17
Winters Malorie F/T MSE Jul-16
Wittmann Lee F/T HS July-18
Wold Aurore F/T CT May-17
Wood Jonathan F/T BPST July-17
Woodhull-Smith Jennifer Adjunct BPST May-17
Woolard Allyson Adjunct CT Aug-16
Wooten Roger F/T AHSS May-16
Worsdale Kathleen F/T BPST May-16
Young Natalie F/T BPST March-18
Young Anita Staff Library Services July-18
Zaarour Khodr Adjunct AHSS Nov-17
Zimmerman Mary-Jo Adjunct BPST July-17
Zullo Matthew F/T CT March-18
Kroeger Danielle Adjunct AHSS November-17
Melburg Valerie Adjunct AHSS November-17
Eszenyi Marie Adjunct AHSS November-17
Campbell Ethel F/T HS Oct-18
Jones Karen F/T CT Oct-18
Summey Linda Adjunct BPST Oct-18

EPIC Certified Master Faculty

EPIC Masters have successfully completed EPIC 110, ACC 110, ACC 120, ACC 131 and Epic 105 OR 106)

Last Name First Name F/T or Adjunct Division
Atkins Margaret F/T BPST
Barton Denise F/T BPST
Berry Rebecca F/T AHSS
Cheatham Tracy F/T MSE
Consol Alison F/T CT
D'Agata Nicolas F/T CT
Dockery Tyler F/T CT
Evans Julie F/T CT
Faircloth Kimberly F/T CT
Foster Cynthia F/T CT
Fox Allison F/T AHSS
Frear Lori F/T MSE
Harris Geoffrey F/T AHSS
Hedges James F/T MSE
Magnuson Anne F/T MSE
Maness Deborah F/T AHSS
Markovich Holly F/T MSE
Minor Amy F/T AHSS
Olds Kim F/T CT
Osborne Carla F/T CT
Perry Courtney F/T AHSS
Popp Jacqueline F/T AHSS
Rankin Thomas F/T BPST
Riley Thomas F/T AHSS
Romano Joan F/T MSE
Smith Julia F/T MSE
Trent Natasha F/T CT
Wallace Gregg F/T CT

EPIC Mentors

EPIC Mentors have successfully completed EPIC 106, ACC 110, ACC 120, AND ACC 131

Last Name First Name F/T or Adjunct Division
Asfari Amin F/T BPST
Atkins Margaret F/T BPST
Bartholomew Beverly F/T CT
Barton Denise F/T BPST
Berry Rebecca F/T AHSS
Blanchard Brandi F/T CT
Campos Rosa Suya F/T BPST
Cheatham Tracy F/T MSE
Consol Alison F/T CT
Cornell Kimberly F/T BPST
D'Agata Nicolas F/T CT
Dawes Karen F/T AHSS
Eddington Lora F/T MSE
Evans Julie F/T CT
Faircloth Kimberly F/T CT
Foster Cynthia F/T CT
Fox Allison F/T AHSS
Frear Lori F/T MSE
Hadley Deborah F/T BPST
Harris Geoffrey F/T AHSS
Hedges James F/T MSE
Leinbach Adrianne F/T MSE
Magnuson Anne F/T MSE
Maness Deborah F/T AHSS
Markovich Holly F/T MSE
McIntyre Meghan F/T MSE
Minor Amy F/T AHSS
Olds Kim F/T CT
Perry Courtney F/T AHSS
Pescosolido Ryan F/T MSE
Rankin Thomas F/T BPST
Riley Thomas F/T AHSS
Romano Joan F/T MSE
Smith Julia F/T MSE
Stopka Eric F/T BPST
Trent Natasha F/T CT
Wallace Gregg F/T CT
Williams Patrick F/T AHSS

EPIC Peer Reviewers

EPIC Peer Reviewers have successfully completed EPIC 105, ACC 110, ACC 120, AND ACC 131

Last Name First Name F/T or Adjunct Division
Barton Denise F/T BPST
Berry Rebecca F/T AHSS
Consol Alison F/T CT
Cornell Kimberly F/T BPST
D'Agata Nicolas F/T CT
Dawes Karen F/T AHSS
Foster Cynthia F/T CT
Fox Allison F/T AHSS
Frear Lori F/T MSE
Hadley Deborah F/T BPST
Harrell Laura F/T AHSS
Harris Geoffrey F/T AHSS
Harvel Dawn F/T HS
Hatcher Jessica F/T elearning
Heath Kizzy F/T BPST
Hedges James F/T MSE
Lari Pooneh F/T elearning
Maness Deborah F/T AHSS
Markovich Holly F/T MSE
Martin Lisa F/T AHSS
McIntyre Meghan F/T MSE
Minor Amy F/T AHSS
Neighbors Cynthia F/T AHSS
Osborne Carla F/T CT
Patel Ashita F/T HS
Perry Courtney F/T AHSS
Riley Thomas F/T AHSS
Romano Joan F/T MSE
Small Nikita F/T CT
Stall Faye F/T AHSS
Sweeney Eileen F/T AHSS
Tribble Patrick F/T elearning
Wilcox Tammi F/T CT
Williams Patrick F/T AHSS
Worsdale Kathleen F/T BPST
Allen Benjamin Adjunct AHSS
Anderton Alecia F/T CT
Dees Lori F/T AHSS
Eaton Kimberly F/T AHSS
Etheridge John F/T AHSS
Rowe Traci F/T AHSS
Soto Jessica Adjunct AHSS
Sottile Lisa Adjunct CT
Taylor Julie F/T BPST