Exemplary Courses

The following courses have been identified as "Exemplary" in accordance with EPIC Quality eLearning Standards and can be used as models for designing online courses.

Business & Public Services Technologies 

Business & Public Services Technologies education includes accounting, finance, insurance, management, marketing, and other business-related disciplines and integrates training with essential workplace skills.

ACC 130

BUS 151

BUS 256

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences 

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences courses parallel those taught in the first two years at a four-year college or university, in a range of disciplines including history, foreign languages, psychology, and fine arts.

ART 111

HIS 111

HIS 131

PSY 150

ENG 111

ENG 111 Course Tour

Online Course Tour English 111

Mathematics, Sciences, & Engineering

Mathematics, Sciences, & Engineering programs provide a foundation for pursuing a four-year degree in math, science, engineering, computers, or other disciplines requiring a strong math and science background.

BIO 110

CHM 151

GEO 111

MAT 110

MAT 152

MAT 171

Information Technology

Information Technology education aligns with the needs of business and industry, with relevant and up-to-date degrees, diplomas, and certificates that give students the skills and credentials in highest demand.

OST 138

OST 165

OST 243

GRD 121

GRD 141

GRD 230

GRD 246

WEB 141

WEB 214

CIS 115

SGD 158