DEI Council Mission


The DEI Council is committed to valuing the unique experiences of individuals, the diversity of the Wake Tech community and equitable outcomes for students and employees. We will strive to cultivate inclusive practices, policies and programs while fostering an environment where all feel valued, respected and safe.

The DEI Council will lead efforts in building sustainable, strategic partnerships that promote equity of services, inclusion and diversity, advocate for social justice and monitor programming and compliance.


To become an equity-minded institution that understands and engages in practices stemming from an asset-based approach focused on the following:

  • Celebration of teaching and learning
  • Enhancement of students' college experiences
  • Allocation of individualized holistic student supports
  • Improvement in student access, transitions and outcomes
  • Amplification of students' voices and experiences
  • Facilitation of capacity building for societal change
  • Accountability through the assessment of data-driven strategies
  • Promotion of community immersion
  • Cultivation of opportunities that embody inclusive excellence