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SRV-110: Surveying I

This course introduces the theory and practice of plane surveying. Topics include the precise measurement of distances, angles, and elevations; bearing, azimuth and traverse computations; topography and mapping. Upon completion, students should be able to use/care for surveying equipment, collect field survey data, perform traverse computations and create a contour map.

Requisites: Take 1 group; Option: Take MAT-121(S25429); Option: Take MAT-171(S25432); Option: Take DMA-060(S24985) DMA-070(S24987) DMA-080(S24988); Option: Take DMA-065(S24986); Option: Take MAT-003; From rule RMINP2M; Option: Take BSP-4003; From rule BSPMINP2; Take either previously or concurrently. Required.

Total Class Credits: 4
Class Credits: 2
Lab Credits: 6
Clinic Credits: 0

See Wake Tech's Geomatics Technology (Surveying) program for additional courses and educational offerings.

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