Welcome Adult Learners

Wake Tech is proud to serve you as you continue your education, and we offer a variety of support services designed especially for you!

We define Adult Learners at Wake Tech as students who are:

  • fulfilling many roles – as parents, spouses/partners, employees, caregivers, and more
  • returning to school after more four or more years of working, caring for family, and other activities
  • veterans of the armed services

Learn more about what Wake Tech has to offer by signing up for our GPS (Guiding Prospective Students) session – created with you in mind!


We’re here to make your learning experience all that it can be!
Let’s get started!

Libby Wilhelmson
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Michael Lewis
Academic Advising
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Cyndi Beardslee
Career & Employment Resources
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Danni Jernigan
Financial Aid
[email protected]
Marilyn Terrill
Military & Veteran Programs
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Michael McLamb
Military & Veteran Programs
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