Essential Instructions for the TEAS

Wake Tech TEAS

Due to COVID-19 precautions, Wake Tech has cancelled all TEAS exam dates that were scheduled in March and April.  If you were scheduled for a TEAS exam date at Wake Tech, please check your email or contact the TEAS administrator at [email protected].  Please check back for future TEAS exam dates.

Exam Resources
ATI TEAS Overview Handout
Helpful TEAS Preparation Links Handout

Please refer to the ATI TEAS Overview PDF in the chart above or refer to the PowerPoint presentation below for information on test content, how to register, retesting policy and other important information. 

This exam is for Wake Tech CC pre-Nursing & pre-Radiography students ONLY!

Student registering MUST be a Wake Technical Community College student applying for our Nursing or Radiography programs.  We are NOT a testing site for other colleges and will not test for programs other than for our Radiography or Nursing program. Please contact TEAS administrator Adriana Gilbert at [email protected] if you have questions concerning your student status.

Students with Disabilities:  Please do not register for TEAS via the ATI testing webpage if you have a condition that may warrant special testing conditions that include but are not limited to visual, hearing, physical impairments and learning disabilities.  Please contact our Disability Services office at 919-334-1510 and present documentation.  IF accommodations are approved, Disability Services will coordinate with the TEAS administrator to schedule the test.

When we offer the TEAS: We only test for TEAS April-July and October-January.  

TEAS Retest Policy: If you need to retake the TEAS exam, you must wait a minimum of 30 days from your last exam date to retest.  Only two tests are allowed per calendar year.  This rule applies regardless of the school the test was taken. Official copies of ALL previous ATI TEAS test scores within 3 years of the clinical application deadline are required to be on file with the college prior to taking the exam at Wake Tech.  If you plan on retesting, you will be tested on all 4 sections. We no longer offer exams with certain sections.

Sending official scores from another school or facility:  If you have taken the TEAS exam at another college or facility, you will need to send your scores directly from ATI testing.  We do not accept printed out scores.  In order to request your scores, you will visit, log-in, select online store on the top, then select TEAS transcript.  We highly advise students to contact ATI testing if they need assistance with sending scores. Also, make sure the test follow the requirements below:

  • Exam was completed within 3 years of the deadline
  • Exam has all 4 sections to the test (Reading, Math, Science and English) 
  • Either ATI TEAS (version 6) or TEAS 5 
  • Only your first or second attempt in a calendar year.  If you have multiple attempts, they must be at least 30 days apart from one another. 

You are welcome to email the TEAS administrator at [email protected] if you have questions before sending your scores.  

Scoring and Point award: TEAS points at Wake Tech are based on the Composite score, not by the Total Individual Score that is printed on score sheets.  The composite score is an average of an applicant’s reading, math, science, and English and language scores.  Applicants may take TEAS multiple times and their highest score in each area will be used in calculating the Composite score. Note that TEAS scores are reported as percentages, in decimal format (e.g., 70.5%). TEAS scores will be rounded up or down to the nearest whole number (.4 or lower will be rounded down; .5 or higher will be rounded up). Examples of scores are shown in the PowerPoint presentation above.

Nursing Radiography
  • 0%-58% Composite score= Ineligible to apply* If your score is in this category, please see a Health Sciences Advisor at the Perry Health Sciences Campus
  • 59%-70% Composite score = 0 points
  • 71%-80% Composite Score = 6 points
  • 81%-90% Composite Score = 12 points
  • 91%-100% Composite Score = 20 points
  • 0% – 62% Composite score = 0 points
  • 63%-70% Composite score = 3 points
  • 71%-80% Composite Score = 6 points
  • 81%-90% Composite Score = 12 points
  • 91%-100% Composite Score = 20 points

Test Location:
Perry Health Sciences Campus
2901 Holston Lane
Raleigh NC 27610
Building A in Student Services (Rm 102)

What to bring on test day:

  • A valid photo ID is REQUIRED for testing
  • Your ATI username and password

Inclement weather: In the event of inclement weather on the exam date and the college is closed, the TEAS exam date will be changed to another date and students will be notified via the email address they have listed on their ATI Testing account.  Please check the Wake Tech web page at for notices of any school closing or delays and make sure your ATI testing account has an email address that you check.

Please do NOT bring: Calculators, Smartwatches, Cell phones or pagers, Children, Food or Beverage 

How to Register: Please follow the instructions step by step on the PDF file below to register for the TEAS exam.  Remember to select "TEAS for Allied Health" regardless if you applying to Nursing or Radiography and to read the Learn more section before paying and registering for an exam date.

Instructions on how to register PDF

After registering: Check your email for confirmation of your exam date.  All exam dates will have a test start time of 8:30 a.m. Latecomers are not accepted so be sure to allow yourself enough time to park and walk to Building A.