Registration Open Labs

Registration assistance is provided for students who applied and were admitted late in the enrollment cycle and/or were not able to attend CCP New Student Orientation. Students who attended orientation may also attend for additional assistance. Continuing CCP students can attend for registration assistance as well.

Registration Open Lab Sessions are an opportunity for CCP students to receive one-on-one assistance with account set up and registration. We also provide information on the various resources on campus to help CCP students successfully assimilate to campus.  The sessions do not require registration. Students are served on a first-come, first-served basis. Students can register for classes up until 8/21/19- the last day to add classes for fall 16-week courses.

Registration Open Labs are listed below. In order to assist with serving all students, please plan to arrive for a lab at one of the times listed below. Students will be attending rotating sessions beginning at these times.

If able, students are encouraged to bring a device- lap top, tablet, smart phone- to use during lab for searching for classes. 

Arrival Times




Southern Wake Campus: 7/10/19- Building A, Rm. 172
  7/24/19- Building A, Rm. 172
  7/26/19- Building A, Rm. 172
  8/7/19- Building A, Rm. 172
Scott Northern Wake Campus:  6/28/19- Building B, Rm. 313
  7/17/19- Building B, Rm. 313
  8/2/19- Building B, Rm. 313
  8/14/19- Building B, Rm. 313
RTP Campus: 6/26/19- RT1, Rm. 162; 
  7/19/19- RT1, Rm. 302
  7/31/19- RT1, Rm 302
  8/13/19- RT1, Rm. 302
NOTE: Please check back the day of the session to confirm the lab location as locations may change.