Information Sessions

Prospective Career and College Promise students are required to attend a seated information session or watch the online version, where they will learn about eligibility requirements, the application process, pathways, pathway options, and course offerings. Sessions are held each semester – for the upcoming semester – on our Wake Tech Campuses as well as at local, community sites, and online. All information sessions are open for anyone to attend. Parents are encouraged but not required to attend with their student. 

Students who do not attend one of the scheduled Information Sessions (or watch the online version) will have to wait until the next semester to enroll.    

The seated session lasts approximately 1 hour. Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early to allow time for sign-in. We make every effort to begin the session at the time posted to be respectful of your time. At the session, students will receive detailed information on how to apply and enroll. 

Once application materials are received and eligibility is verified, students will be notified of their acceptance into the CCP program and provided further enrollment steps.

Please see Important Dates for information on deadlines to submit application materials.

Information Sessions for Summer and Fall 2020 enrollment have begun. 

Click below to see available information sessions and register to attend.

Register for Seated Information Session

Mandatory Information Session Online

Click on the video below to begin the Mandatory Information Session Online.

DISCLAIMER: You MUST WATCH AND LISTEN to the entire video AND complete the survey in order to receive credit for completing the session. Failure to watch and listen to the entire video AND complete the survey may result in missed information and non-receipt of application materials and instructions. 

You will receive a confirmation email indicating that you have completed the Online Information Session required tasks within 1-2 days. 

*The Information Session is now OPTIONAL. The CCP Application link and instructions can be found on the homepage*