Important Dates

Important dates for new, continuing and high school graduating students will be posted each term by the end of September and February, and dates will be updated as needed. Please check back during those months for new dates. Please contact [email protected] with any questions. 

    CCP New Students

    Information Sessions

    • Information sessions for Summer and Fall 2020 enrollment are now available. Please view our "Information Session" page for online Information Session options. 

    New Student Enrollment 

    • We will begin accepting CCP applications in the coming weeks. If you have attended an information session this semester, please note that you will receive the application link via the email address that your provided. If you attended an Information Session in a previous semester, please reach out to the CCP staff via email at [email protected]. Continue to check with the homepage for important information and updates.  

    CCP Continuing Students

    Continuing students must complete an EV form and an updated high school transcript every term to remain in classes. More Information

    Dates for Fall and Summer 2020 Enrollment Cycle

    1. Watch Wake Tech email for Summer and Fall 2020 enrollment info (it will be sent in the coming weeks). Check every folder in your WTCC email for this email. Forms are edited each year. Please make sure you use the current forms on the site
    2. Return EV form and updated high school transcript beginning - TBD. You will need to submit an updated EV Form and high school transcript for each semester you would like to register. Please submit these by TBD or you will be in danger of being dropped from your registered courses. Return these items in Self-Service to submit the documents to the electronic link. 
    3. Register yourself in Self-Service during the summer registration window - TBD and fall registration window beginning TBD! Please see the step-by-step instructions on how to register courses.  Planning a course in the student planner does not register the course- it only places it on your planning scheduler. If you experience registration issues during the registration window, please plan to attend Registration Open Lab or reach out to CCP staff via email at [email protected]
    4. You can and will be dropped from any courses registered that are not a part of your pathway. You will also be dropped from any course for which you place yourself on a wait list. 
    5. Add classes as needed via a course selection form after the self-registration window has closed. You can email these to [email protected] or you can attend Registration Open Lab for assistance with adding a course. No schedule changes will be accepted after TBD. 
    6. Monitor your schedule and WTCC email often, especially as we approach the start of a term. Sometimes classes are closed and you will need to add another class. Contact CCP staff immediately if you notice a problem with your schedule.

    CCP Students Graduating High School

    Students who will be graduating and plan to attend Wake Tech as a regular, traditional student MUST complete an online application to do so. Please complete this application as soon as possible by visiting The sooner you complete it, the sooner you will be able to be admitted and registered for classes. More Information

    1. Please email [email protected] with your name, Wake Tech ID number, and your expected graduation date to let us know that you plan to attend as a regular student. As a regular student, you will register for your own classes. If you have issues with registration, please email [email protected].
    2. Mid-Year graduates: email [email protected] to notify us of your expected graduation by November 1 each year.
    3. May graduates: email [email protected] to notify us of your expected graduation by April 15 each year.
    4. June graduates: email [email protected] to notify us of your expected graduation by May 1 each year.