CCP Students Graduating High School

If you are a high school senior participating in CCP who will be graduating in this academic year and you plan to attend Wake Tech as a regular, traditional student after graduation, please follow the steps below. Also visit the Important Dates tab for more information and important dates, especially if you will be graduating early in the academic year (before June).

  1. Complete an online application for the term you will become a regular student: Complete all Steps to Admission as a regular student, including residency determination and applying for financial aid.
  2. Check Admission Status: If you have not been admitted as a student for your term, please contact [email protected] to find out what you need to do to be admitted. You can also visit the admissions office on Southern Wake or Northern Wake Campus.
  3. Email [email protected] : This step will ensure that you are identified as a graduate. See the Important Dates tab for when you should complete this.
  4. Request Final High School Transcript: Remember to send an updated transcript when you apply as well as a final, official high school transcript once graduated.
  5. Meet with a Wake Tech Academic Advisor:  This step must be completed prior to registering for classes. Please review with them the courses you have taken as a part of the CCP program.
  6. Attend CCP Transition Day or New Student Orientation:  If you have questions about this step, you can contact us at [email protected].  Complete this step before registering for classes.
  7. Complete e-Learning: Remember, if you plan to take an online class, you must complete e-learning if you have not already done so. You only need to do this once
  8. Register for classes: You will be registering yourself as a regular student. Make sure you have emailed to notify CCP staff of your graduation by the date listed at the Important Dates tab so that you will not have trouble registering. If you need assistance with registering, visit the registrar’s office on campus.
  9. Purchase texts and attend class!:  Welcome to WTCC, again!

Visit Admissions on Southern Wake, Scott Northern Wake or RTP campus