CCP students should work closely with CCP staff to ensure courses planned are within the students’ chosen pathway(s). If you are unsure of your pathway or the courses in it, please log in to Self-Service for assistance. If you need to change your pathway, please contact CCP staff, [email protected].

Continuing Student Registration

Remember, to remain eligible to continue in the program you must continue to make progress towards high school graduation and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA in college coursework after completing two courses.

If you are continuing in the CCP program, please follow the steps below:

  1. Continuing CCP students will be sent an email notification to their Wake Tech email account each term when it is time to register for classes for the upcoming term. These emails are sent in October, March, and May each academic year.
  2. Visit with a CCP Advisor for assistance with course selection, if needed. Schedule an advising appointment time to come in. You can also visit with CCP staff during Registration Open Lab if you need assistance. If you are completing a pathway and wish to take courses outside of the pathway, you need to submit a Change of Status form before registering. If you need to change your pathway, a Change of Status form is required. You can receive this form by meeting with a CCP advisor or by emailing CCP.
  3. Submit an updated Eligibility Verification (EV) form and an updated high school transcript each term you wish to be enrolled in classes via CCP. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions tab for how to set up your transcript. The EV form is edited annually. You should receive an email each term with this form included. Forms are also provided below and are available in the admissions office on RTP, Scott Northern Wake Campus and Southern Wake Campus. If you do not submit these forms by the required date, you will be dropped from any courses registered. You will be notified by email of any dropped courses. 
  4. Register yourself in Self-Service during the registration window! Please see the step-by-step instructions on how to register courses. Planning a course in student planner does not register the course- it only places it on your planning scheduler. Your registration window is provided in Important Dates and in the email sent to you regarding registration. You can also find your registration date/time in Self-Service.  If you experience registration issues during the registration window, please plan to attend Registration Open Lab or reach out to CCP staff via email.

  5. Add classes as needed via a course selection form after the self-registration window has closed. You can email these to [email protected] or you can attend Registration Open Lab for assistance with adding a course. You can submit course selections until 1/13/20 at 3 pm.

  6. Confirm your semester schedule in Self-Service between 12/13/19 and 1/6/20. You will be dropped from any courses registered that are not a part of your pathway. You will also be dropped from any course for which you place yourself on a waitlist. You will be notified by email of any dropped courses. 

  7. Drop or withdraw from any courses which you would like to drop by logging into WebAdvisor/Self-Service and following the steps provided by Registration and Student Records.

First-time Student Registration

New students must be admitted in order to be registered for classes. Steps to enrolling . Keep in mind that CCP staff must register new CCP students.

After being admitted in your pathway:

Step 1. Attend CCP New Student Orientation and/or CCP Registration Open Lab for information on registration.

Step 2. Submit a completed course selection form to request classes. Requesting a class does not guarantee a seat. The date to begin submitting course requests will be provided at CCP New Student Orientation and Registration Open Lab.

Step. 3 Students can return course selection forms up until 3:00 PM on the last day to add a class for a term.

Step 4. View registration processing dates 



Add any desired classes to your schedule by submitting a new Course Selection form. Links to the forms are below. Forms can be submitted by email at [email protected] or in person at the admissions office on RTP, Scott Northern Wake or Southern Wake Campus only.

Please see the Important Dates tab for when to submit this form each term.