Important Information
  • Application Deadline for Spring 2020 - 10/28/19
  • Last Information Session - 10/22/19

Career and College Promise (CCP)

High school students in North Carolina can get a head start on college – for free! 

They can take college courses and earn college credits while still in high school!   

Career and College Promise, or CCP, allows eligible high school students to take college courses at Wake Tech. It is sometimes referred to as dual enrollment, and the program has had other names in the past (Huskins, Learn and Earn, Learn and Earn online).  

CCP offers three pathways, depending on a student’s goals. Each pathway includes specific coursework.

We are currently responding to inquiries and processing documents received on the dates listed below:

Document Type Date
Inquiry Responses  1/2/2020
Packet Processing 1/2/2020
Complete Packet Review 1/2/2020
Incomplete Packet Review 1/2/2020
Registration Processing 12/20/19
Change of Status Processing 12/13/19
Acceptance Letter Run Date 12/20/19

The Career and Technical Education Pathway (CTE) leads to a credential for employment (certificate, diploma, or degree). Students can participate while attending their high school.

The College Transfer Pathway (CT) leads to credit hours that count toward a two-year associate’s degree at Wake Tech and align with course requirements at UNC member institutions. Students can participate while attending their high school.

Cooperative Innovative High Schools (CIHS) allow students to begin earning tuition-free college credits by attending an approved Cooperative Innovative High School, a partnership between Wake Technical Community College and Wake County Public School System (WCPSS).

NOTE: A student may be able to enroll in a College Transfer pathway AND a Career and Technical Education pathway OR two Career and Technical Education pathways with high school and Wake Tech approval. 


Students start by registering for an information session that covers eligibility for CCP, pathways and options, and the application process.

Register for mandatory Information Session.

At the session students will receive an enrollment packet to complete and return to Wake Tech. They will be notified of acceptance into the CCP program and invited to an orientation session for the upcoming semester. 

For more information about career and college promise

Students may Contact Us or consult their high school Career Development Counselor or School Counselor. 

Students interested in attending Wake Tech after high school graduation should contact Wake Tech Admissions.