Welcome to Career and College Promise!

Earn college credit, tuition-free, while in high school!  Wake Tech’s Career and College Promise (CCP) program offers eligible high school students the opportunity to earn a credential for employment or credits toward a college degree. In many cases, students can also earn dual credit - meeting high school graduation requirements with college courses. 

Why Choose Career and College Promise?

Benefits of Career and College Promise

  • Opportunity to explore over 40 academic programs while being dually enrolled in high school, allowing students to receive both high school and college credit.
  • Saves students and parents money on college tuition (CCP classes are tuition free!) and lightens the course load for future college enrollment.
  • Assists with admission into future college of choice - demonstrates college readiness and rigor.
  • Introduces the "college experience" to students.
  • Provides a jumpstart to career plans, job training, skills and certifications.

Wake Tech and the Career and College Promise program, individually and jointly, have displayed tremendous growth and success. 

Wake Tech Fun Facts

  • Wake Tech is the largest community college in North Carolina, serving over 70,000 students
  • Wake Tech is ranked as the #1 Online Community College in the nation
  • Wake Tech's average class size is 21:1
  • 90% of Wake Tech Associate Degree graduates are either employed or still enrolled in higher education in NC after one year

Career and College Promise at Wake Tech

  • Enrollment has increased over 800% within the past 8 years
  • Since 2014, nearly 30 additional pathways have been added
  • The average GPA for the Fall 2020 Semester was 3.24
  • Nearly 50% of participating seniors become regular Wake Tech students after graduating high school

Enrolling in CCP...How to Get Started!

The following steps below provides prospective students with the information needed to navigate through the enrollment process. 

Step 1: Watch Online Information Session (Recommended for All Students)

The first step to enrolling in the Career and College Promise program is to watch the online information session. The information session is designed for prospective and returning, Career and College Promise students to learn about the application process, eligibility requirements, pathways, resources and more. 

We also encourage Continuing CCP Students to watch the online information session for updates and program changes. 


The Online Information Session for the 2021 Summer/Fall Enrollment Cycle will be available mid-February

Step 2: Explore Pathways & Eligibility Requirements (Recommended for All Students)

CCP Pathways: Three Variations of Enrollment
Students can participate in one of the following variations:

  • 1 Career and Technical Education Pathway OR 1 College Transfer Pathway
  • 2 Career and Technical Education Pathways
  • 1 Career and Technical Education Pathway AND 1 College Transfer Pathway 

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathway

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathway leads to a credential for employment (certificate or diploma) aligned with a high school career cluster (as well as an associate in applied science degree). Students can participate while attending their high school. 

College Transfer (CT) Pathway

The College Transfer (CT) Pathway is designed for students who wish to begin earning college credit towards our University Transfer Degree Programs: Associate in Arts, Associate in Engineering, Associate in Fine Arts, and Associate in Science. These are intended to be for eventual transfer to a four-year college or university.

Cooperative Innovative High School Programs (CIHSP)
The Cooperative Innovative High School Programs (CIHSP) allow students to begin earning tuition-free college credits by attending an approved Cooperative Innovative High School, a partnership between Wake Technical Community College and Wake County Public School System (WCPSS).

NOTE: Students are encouraged to meet with their high school Dean, Counselors, and/or Career Development Coordinator (CDC) to discuss interests and inquire about their specific HS graduation requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

The Career and College Promise Operating Procedures, in accordance to State Board Code, define the eligibility requirements for College Transfer, Career and Technical, Workforce Continuing Education, and Cooperative Innovative High School pathway students as well as provide guidelines for program facilitation.

To view Eligibility Requirements by grade level and pathways, click Pathway Eligibility.

Step 3: Print Enrollment and Eligibility Checklists (Recommended for All Students)

Prior to accessing the CCP Application Form and/or Eligibility Verification Form, we highly encourage that you access, review, and print the following documents (that apply to your individual needs):

Enrollment Checklists

Pathway Eligibility Checklists

Special Pathway Checklists

  • Cosmetology Checklist (Coming Soon...)
  • Medical Assisting Checklist (Coming Soon...)
  • Nurse Aide Checklist (Coming Soon...)

Step 4: Complete CCP Application Form and/or Eligibility Verification Form (All Students)

To begin the the application process, see the following below:

New Students ONLY

  • CCP Application Form (Coming Soon...)
  • Eligibility Verification Form (Coming Soon...)

Continuing Students ONLY

  • Eligibility Verification Form (Coming Soon...)

Step 5: Check Admissions Status

Wake Tech Admissions Services staff is available to assist prospective and current CCP students to check the documentation status of their CCP Application and/or Eligibility Verification (EV Form)

Students may schedule a virtual appointment if they have questions about the application process upon the submission of an CCP Application Form and/or Eligibility Verification (EV) Form.

NOTE: Before scheduling a "Check My Status" appointment, please allow 3-4 weeks after the submission of the EV Form for review and processing of your admissions documentation.

For assistance or to check the status of your Application and/or EV Form, click Check My Status

Step 6: Receive Admissions Status Correspondence (All Students)

New Students
Upon the successful review and processing of application materials by the CCP Team, new students will receive an acceptance letter containing information and instructions on next steps for enrollment which includes Student Key Account Activation

To activate your key account, click Activate Curriculum/Degree Key Account

NOTE: CCP Students will use their "Wake Tech ID Number" to activate account, not Social Security Number.

Continuing Students
Continuing Students will receive a confirmation email indicating their EV Form has been processed with instructions provided on how to register for courses. 

Incomplete Status
Students who receive notification that their EV Form is deemed "Incomplete" will need to submit the requested documentation to [email protected]. For additional assistance, refer back to Step 5 to schedule an appointment with a CCP Representative. 

Step 7: Complete New Student Orientation & eLearning Intro (All Students)

After activating their account and establishing their Wake Tech email address, students are required to have the following action items completed before they are cleared to register for courses:

New Student Orientation (Required for New CCP Students ONLY)
New Student Orientation gives students the opportunity to find out about registering for classes, financial aid, email, parking, student resources, and valuable tips from students current students!

To register for an online orientation session, visit New Student Orientation

NOTE: Some information for CCP Students may differ compared to traditional Wake Tech Students. Always review the CCP website for accurate and up-to-date information.

eLearning Intro Assessment (Required for ALL CCP Students)

The eLearning Intro Assessment provides students with a series of learning modules and quizzes to assist with online learning expectations, using the computer, and navigating the Blackboard platform.

To access the eLearning Intro, visit eLearning Intro

Step 8: Schedule Advising Appointment (Admitted Students ONLY; Recommended)

Both newly, admitted and continuing CCP students can meet virtually with a CCP advisor upon acceptance into the program. Wake Tech advisors and CCP advisors do not meet with prospective students. 

CCP Virtual Advising allows students to ask questions about pathway options, course descriptions, and other registration processes once admitted. 

To schedule an appointment, click CCP Virtual Advising Appointment

NOTE: Newly, admitted 9th/10th CCP Students are REQUIRED to schedule an appointment to be cleared for registration.

Step 9: Register for Classes & Confirm Schedule

General Information
CCP students are only allowed to take courses that are within their approved pathway(s). Students are also relegated to the allotted credits and restrictions within the disciplines.
 Students can confirm their approved pathway(s) and course schedule by logging into Self-Service or by scheduling a CCP Virtual Advising Appointment

To learn how to register for classes, visit How to Add a Class in Self-Service.

Students are reminded to check their class schedule near the beginning of the start of courses. Courses are sometimes closed by the department which could affect your schedule.

NOTE: CCP Office can review and utilize AP Scores (official or unofficial) for registration purposes only. Please submit scores to [email protected] prior to registration to satisfy course prerequisites. Please feel free to submit an official AP Score Report to the Registration and Records Office to be evaluated for college credit. 

More information to come...

Step 10: Final Steps & Attend Class!

Obtain Wake Tech ID & Parking Decal
Students will need a WTCC Student ID Card even if they are an online student. For more information, visit Wake Tech ID Badges & Parking Decal.

Purchase Textbooks/Supplies/Course Materials
Career and College Promise (CCP) is a tuition free program, but students are responsible for textbooks, supplies, and course related fees. For more information, visit Wake Tech Official Bookstore

Attend Class


  • The 2021 Spring Enrollment Cycle has ended! Information on 2021 Summer and Fall enrollment will be posted mid-February

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