Degree vs. Non-Degree



Whether you want short-term training or a two-year degree, Wake Tech can help you achieve your goals.

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We have more than 200 associate’s degrees, diplomas, and certificates that prepare you for university transfer or immediate employment. 

We offer an array of non-credit, short-term programs in IT, healthcare, hospitality, skilled trades, and other areas to get you into the workforce quickly! Non-degree programs include English as a Second Language, high school equivalency preparation, small business support, and courses for personal enrichment.

Steps to Enroll

Degree Programs
  1. Complete the NC Residency Determination
  2. Submit online application
Non-degree Programs
  1. Search the Workforce Continuing Education course catalog to find classes open for registration
  2. Select “Register” to complete the checkout process

Curriculum (degree) vs. Workforce Continuing Education (non-degree) programs. What's the difference?

Which area of Wake Tech is the right place to find the training and resources you need? Where do you start?

Watch this video for an explanation about the differences between degree and non-degree training, and how they work together to help you reach your goals.