Frequently Asked Questions - Students

When is Wake Tech reopening?

Wake Tech’s fall 2020 semester will begin, as originally scheduled, on August 17. Academic calendar dates throughout the semester, including exams, breaks and holidays, will not change.

Limited on-campus services are available on the Southern Wake and Scott Northern Wake campuses, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Those services include admissions, advising, financial aid, and registration and records. Limited on-campus services will be offered at the Perry Health Sciences and RTP campuses starting August 3.

The best and safest way to access student services is through the college’s Virtual Support Center.

What measures are being taken to keep students, faculty, and staff safe on campus?

In planning for the fall 2020 semester, Wake Tech as two priorities: safety and student success. We have a detailed plan, “Learn Well: Wake Tech’s Plan for Safety and Progress During the Pandemic,” for addressing these priorities and meeting the challenges they present. In conjunction with our Learn Well plan for fall, our Environmental Health and Safety Department established Safety Guidelines and Protocols for the COVID-19 Pandemic to keep our college community safe and healthy. These guidelines for on-campus interaction emphasize mandatory face coverings, social distancing, stringent building cleaning, and recommendations for personal hygiene.

Am I required to wear a mask or a facial covering?

Facial coverings/masks are required for anyone entering a campus – students, employees, and visitors. Face coverings must be worn at all times in public places, including classrooms, hallways and other areas where people may congregate.

Will the college provide masks or do I bring my own?

It is your responsibility to always have a mask on hand. The college has a limited supply of masks to hand out as a backup in the event someone forgets their own.

Will there be exceptions for face masks?

Failure to wear a mask and maintain social distancing will result in removal from class or campus.
Students who are not comfortable with this requirement are advised to register for fully online sections.
An exemption to the face mask requirement will not typically be considered to be a reasonable accommodation. Those who have a personal health condition that prevents them from safely wearing a face mask or face covering should contact Disability Support Services at [email protected] to discuss alternative arrangements. They may also bring their concerns to the Wake Tech Ombuds Office by calling 919-866-5479.

What is the college doing to maintain social distancing?

Wake Tech asks all employees, students, and visitors to maintain a safe social distance of at least six-feet apart from one another. Specific social distancing measures are outlined in Wake Tech’s Safety Guidelines and Protocols for the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Will classrooms be cleaned after each session?

Classrooms and buildings will be cleaned at regular intervals during the day and will be deep cleaned every evening. High touch areas, such as doorknobs, light switches, elevator buttons, restrooms, water fountains, and push bars will be wiped down during the day. Should any positive COVID-19 cases be reported, the impacted facilities will be assessed, closed where needed, and cleaned in accordance with CDC guidelines before re-entry will be allowed.

If I have questions about advising, registration or financial aid what do I do?

Current and prospective Wake Tech students can now utilize the college’s Virtual Support Center to help enroll for fall semester and access support services and academic resources.

The Virtual Support Center is a hub for virtual student services such as admissions, financial aid, registration and records, advising, veterans services, career and employment resources, and wellness counseling. It also includes academic resources such as e-learning support, libraries and tutoring. The center allows students to ask questions, take care of next steps, make appointments to video chat with staff members, or access student resources by email, phone, or the EagleQ virtual waiting line.

What academic resources will be open on campus such as computer labs, libraries, ILC, etc?

In an effort to provide all Wake Tech students with the academic services and resources needed to support their progress, the college offers limited in-person and remote access to tutoring support through its Individualized Learning Center, reference and research support through its Libraries, and online learning and online teaching support through its eLearning and Instructional Design department. To make an appointment, follow the links above or visit the Virtual Support Center. All students who access academic services in person must follow Wake Tech’s Safety Guidelines and Protocols, including mandatory face coverings and social distancing. Faculty office hours will take place in a remote environment.

I have never taken an online course before. Where do I begin?

Start by taking the EPIC eLearning Intro, available on your Blackboard account at Your login is your email address with the same password you use for all of your Wake Tech accounts. “eLearning Intro” will be listed in your Course List. There are three modules in this course. Each module starts with a pre-test. If you score a 90 or higher on the pre-test for a module, you will gain access to the next module. If you do not score 90 or higher for a module, you’ll be prompted to complete lessons to learn the material for that module and then complete a post-test. You may retake the post-test as many times as you need to complete the course. The good news is, you’ll be ready to take additional online courses in the future. Watch “Even a President Can Do It” on YouTube.

Is the cashier’s office open?

Students are encouraged to pay their bill online, but for those who prefer to pay in person, the Cashier’s Offices in Building M on the Southern Wake Campus and Building C on the Scott Northern Wake Campus are open. These offices operate Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Face coverings and social distancing are required. Online bill payment is easy and convenient on Self Service or the Wake Tech mobile app. Mail-in payments are also accepted.

Are the Wake Tech bookstores open?

The best and safest way to purchase your books and classroom materials is by ordering them online at For those who prefer to shop in person, on campus bookstores are open Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Stores are limited to 25 people at a time – including staff – which means there will be long lines at the start of the semester. Masks and social distancing are required. Please be patient.

How do I get my student ID and parking decal?

ID offices are open at Southern Wake, Scott Northern Wake, Perry Health Sciences and RTP campuses. Students must wear a mask or face covering and practice social distancing. Students taking all online classes should still get a student ID and parking decal to allow them access to libraries, the Individualized Learning Center (ILC), testing, and other support services. Students are required to have their vehicle registration with them to obtain a Wake Tech parking decal.

Hours and Locations

Will dining and beverages be available on campuses?

In order to promote social distancing, cafeterias, coffee shops and other areas where people may congregate will be closed. Food trucks will not be available, but vending machines will be available.

If your schedule requires you to remain on campus during lunchtime, please bring your own lunch.