STem Academic Research and Training

Preparing Students for a Career in STEM

Students who are accepted to the START Program will choose from a group of projects. Each project is led by a particular faculty mentor and is focused on exploring a research question. A project may have multiple students who each contribute in their own way. A student’s overall contribution to the project is referred to as their Discovery Opportunity. Completion of a Discovery Opportunity will involve meeting research Targets along the way. Research Targets may involve a range of possible tasks that include learning how to use instruments, attending academic conferences, running experiments and/or presenting your work.

START Mission Statement:
The mission of the Mathematics, Sciences & Engineering Division’s START program is to increase students’ retention and success in the Associate in Engineering (AE) and Associate in Science (AS) programs and improve engineering, quantitative, and scientific literacy.  Students will actively participate in faculty-mentored, co-curricular discovery opportunities.  Through hands-on research and engagement with the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) community, students will enrich their academic experience, further develop technical skills, and increase their ability to be competitive in higher education and the STEM workforce.

Qualifications and Expectations

  • Currently enrolled Wake Tech student
  • Dedicate 20 hours per semester outside of the classroom to your Discovery Opportunity to meet Targets for completion
  • Interested in a future career or degree program related to STEM
  • Interested in gaining hands-on experience with the principles you are studying in class

START Benefits

  • Participating in START makes you officially a Wake Tech Intern with job history.
  • Add real skills and work experience to your resume.
  • Learn to use cutting-edge tech used by STEM professionals.
  • Experience classroom concepts in a practical setting to learn more and improve your grades.
  • Decide if a future in STEM is right for you!

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START applications are now closed. Check back in April for Fall applications.  

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