Geology is the study of the materials, processes, and history of Earth – how rocks were formed and what has happened to them since their formation. It is a diverse field that includes disciplines such as stratigraphy, the study of stratified rock, and mineralogy, the study of the structure and composition of minerals. Geologic studies often combine field and laboratory work. 

Geology students at Wake Tech may qualify for paid internships at NCSU and the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. For those interested in further study, many North Carolina colleges and universities offer four-year degrees (and advanced degrees as well) in geology and related fields. 

Geologists are in demand! The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) predicts a shortage of 135,000 geoscientists in the U.S. over the next decade, as many practicing geologists retire. Job opportunities in the field will be plentiful.   

Learn more about  jobs at Geoscience Currents. 

Course Descriptions and Prerequisites