The Equity in STEM (E-STEM) Learning Community provides academic and social support for students who are considering a major in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM). It is designed to encourage students interested in STEM fields – where women have traditionally been in the minority – to explore careers and to be successful in their academic courses. 

E-STEM activities are open to all students.  E-STEM offers students opportunities to interact with peers who have similar interests and goals. Students learn study skills and form study groups, interact with faculty, and learn from mentors about time management, college course expectations, and STEM careers. 

Planned for Fall 2017 is an Equity in STEM Club with the mission to engage students with the common goals of creating, supporting and participating in equal opportunities for STEM learners and leaders. The E-STEM Club will be organized on a college-supported virtual site. Meetings will not be held at regular intervals, but instead will be held in conjunction with club events which may include the following: community outreach to promote engagement in STEM, STEM speakers, field trips, competitions, and projects. 

Students interested in learning more about E-STEM activities can contact Dr. Shannon Namboodri, [email protected]u or Mr. Jason Whitehead,  [email protected]