Building, Engineering and Skilled Technologies Degree Paths

Choosing between an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree program and a program that leads to either an Associate in Engineering (AE) degree involves several variables.

AAS degrees

  • Two-year degree plans
  • Lead directly into the workforce
  • Focus on core subject content
  • Include hands-on application of core content
  • Require only five general education courses (Communication, Humanities/Fine Arts, Social/Behavioral Sciences, Natural Sciences/Mathematics)
  • Require non-calculus-based math courses

Articulation agreements

  • Two-year degree plans
  • Directed toward specific four-year institutions
  • Combination of the AAS and bachelor degree tracks
  • Allow transfer credit for many core¬†technical-level courses
  • Allow substitution of transfer-level courses for technical-level requirements:
    • ENG 111 instead of ENG 110
    • ENG 112 instead of ENG 114
    • MAT 171 instead of MAT 110 or MAT 121
    • PSY 150 instead of PSY 118
  • Graduates employable upon completion
  • Graduates have a university¬†transfer plan
  • Employers typically offer tuition assistance programs for employees who want to pursue additional education

The following programs have articulation agreements for transfer:

Articulation agreement information shows transfer options for all Wake Tech programs

AE degree

  • Designed for transfer to four-year institutions to complete a bachelor's degree
  • First two years are mostly general education classes
  • Entry into the workforce delayed
  • Require higher-level math (pre-calculus and calculus)
  • More theory than hands-on experience