Course repetition policy - Liberal Arts Division

According to Wake Tech's Course Repetition Policy, a student may enroll in the same course up to three times during his or her academic career. 

Are you attempting to enroll/register for a course in one of the following Liberal Arts Division subjects for the FOURTH time?

  • ANT (Anthropology)
  • ART (Art)
  • COM (Communication)
  • DRA (Drama)
  • ENG (Only these ENGLISH courses: ENG 110, 111, 112, 114, 125, 231, 232, 241, 242, 261, 262, 273)
  • FRE (French)
  • HIS (History)
  • HUM (Humanities)
  • MUS (Music)
  • PHI (Philosophy)
  • POL (Political Science)
  • PSY (Psychology)
  • SOC (Sociology)
  • SPA (Spanish)
  • REL (Religion)

If you attempt to enroll/register for a course in one of the above subjects for the FOURTH time, you will receive a registration error message that you have exceeded the number of allowed attempts for that course. To request permission to take a course in one of the above subjects a fourth time: 

After your completed form has been received, either Liberal Arts Dean Michael Beck or Associate Dean Lee Corbett will reply to schedule a time to meet with you to discuss and consider your request. Please allow up to two to three business days to receive a response. Thank you.


PLEASE NOTE:  If you are requesting permission to retake Pre-Curriculum courses (ENG 002, ENG 011,            MAT 003, MAT 010, MAT 021, MAT 043, MAT 052, MAT 071), please contact Cherise Millsaps ([email protected]), Interim Department Head for Academic Foundations. 

PLEASE NOTE:  For questions regarding retaking Math and Science courses (numbered 100-level and above), please email the Mathematics and Sciences Division[email protected]. Staff in the Mathematics and Sciences Division can assist you with your request or question.