The REAL Center

The REAL Center is designed to assist students in curriculum-level English courses who need extra help with writing assignments and/or understanding course concepts for their English classes; any issues related to Rhetoric, Exposition, Argumentation, and Literature can be addressed in the REAL Center.

English professors and instructors in the REAL Center provide students with help understanding assignments, brainstorming, developing ideas, following MLA documentation rules, and more.

***Because of COVID-19 safety protocols, the REAL Center is currently not offering in-person services. Instead, it is offering expanded online tutoring through the Virtual REAL Center.***


The Virtual REAL Center offers Blackboard-based resources, such as grammar and MLA “hotlines” for quick questions, virtual tutoring via email submission and feedback, and real-time tutoring via Skype. Students enrolled in an online curriculum-level English course are automatically granted access to the VIRTUAL.REAL.CENTER Blackboard shell, which contains details about how to use these services. (Currently, all students registered for a curriculum-level English course have access to the Virtual REAL Center.)


The following hours and locations are for in-person tutoring. These services are currently not available because of COVID-19 restrictions. Instead, the English Department is offering expanded tutoring services online through the Virtual REAL Center (as described above).


Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM-1:50 PM

(Hours are subject to change.)

Southern Wake Campus
Building B - 392

Scott Northern Wake Campus
Building E - 230


While attending the REAL Center does not guarantee a passing grade, the success rates in English classes for students who attend the REAL Center are significantly higher than for those who do not.