Applied Engineering and Design Technologies

These programs prepare students to become technicians in a variety of STEM-based disciplines. Technicians perform quality assurance testing; complete design drawings; and carry out diagnostic, troubleshooting, and maintenance procedures on equipment. Solving problems, collecting and analyzing data, and conducting experiments are all part of the technician's role in engineering and design. Students interested in this area are typically hands-on learners who enjoy challenges and understand the power of teamwork. 

Department Head: Byron Latil
Email Address: [email protected]
Office Phone: 919-866-5342

Professional Licensure

Professional Licensure

Wake Technical Community College academic programs (credit and non-credit) that are designed to lead to professional licenses are either tied to the State of North Carolina or national certifications.

If you intend to pursue professional licenses outside the State of North Carolina once you have completed your academic program at Wake Technical Community College, please refer to the Professional Licensure Section on the college's distance education authorization page for additional information.