DEI Council Student Success Workgroup

The Student Success Workgroup includes the following Wake Tech faculty and staff members:

  • Albert Brewer
  • Debra Buchanan
  • Carrie Carreno-Zingaro
  • William Guevara
  • Leslie Johnson
  • Lauren LaMay
  • La'eeqa Mathews
  • Carlos McCormick
  • Mary Porch
  • Judy Shallcross
  • Shelia Spiegel
  • Jackie Swanik
  • Malick Tchakpedeou

The workgroup aims to improve student success by rallying around students through the following means:

  • Reducing barriers to increase the equitable utilization of student services
  • Developing collaborative partnerships with college academic and student support services to overcome student barriers

The group collaborates with the following areas to improve student success:

  • Student Success Coaching
  • Pathways Success Scholars and Minority Male Mentoring
  • START (STEM Academic Research & Training) Internship Program
  • Collaboration between Disability Support Services and Individualized Learning Center

The workgroup has undertaken the following initiatives:

  • Create a peer tutoring program
  • Create other opportunities to enable student support services to be more accessible and fully utilized