DEI Council Education Workgroup


  • Tonya Greene
  • Kobie Joyner
  • Robert Mayhew
  • Gillian Norton


The focus of the DEI Council Education Workgroup is educating and empowering Wake Tech's campus community by establishing action-oriented learning opportunities to build awareness, knowledge and strategies that foster a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

We will build collaborative communities by doing the following:

  • Supporting divisions and departments in developing DEI goals and educational opportunities
  • Collaborating with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) to present DEI-related professional development programs and recruit DEI trainers and speakers
  • Implementing DEI-focused onboarding with Human Resources.

We also use evidence-based best practices and data-driven strategies to accomplish the following:

  • Evaluate, revise and supplement DEI-related professional development at Wake Tech
  • Revise the course TALA 105: Equity and the Classroom


  • Collaborate with CETL to create and offer DEI 100: Introduction Course
  • Collaborate with CETL to create and offer DEI Academy
  • Collaborate with the college community to offer DEI-related events, training and speakers