DEI Council Campus Climate Workgroup

The Campus Climate Workgroup includes the following Wake Tech faculty and staff members:

  • Rachel Madsen
  • Barry Malone
  • Faith Palmer
  • Jacqueline Popp
  • Shelia Spiegel
  • Cricket Wellum

The workgroup strives for accountability through the assessment of separate data-driven surveys for students, faculty and staff. Disaggregated data is used as a tool to reveal equity gaps, amplify and validate student voices and experiences and cultivate opportunities that embody inclusive excellence.

The workgroup has undertaken the following initiatives:

  • Select a third-party vendor – to ensure anonymity – to conduct separate surveys for students, faculty and staff
  • Develop a marketing and promotion plan to increase survey participation
  • Conduct organized forums to discuss the survey with students, faculty and staff
  • Share survey results with the college community
  • Discuss action items that will be addressed from the survey results to form focus groups