Invite the President - Community Request

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Type of Request

If you are requesting that the president give a speech, you must provide the talking points (not bullet points) and submit it at least three (3) weeks before your event to allow time for revisions. The president will adapt your content to his presentation style.

Event Date/Times

NOTE: Please time the president's participation as exactly as possible, as multiple events may be scheduled on a given day. If your event date or time changes after submitting this request, contact Jackie Jones at 919-866-5142 as soon as possible. 

If the president has a scheduling conflict at this time, could another member of senior administration speak/participate in his place?

Event Details

(meeting, panel discussion, rally, performance, etc.)

Please note whether the audience will include people the president should recognize (local officials, dignitaries, Wake Tech donors and supporters, etc.). Forward bios or other important audience information to [email protected].

Event Location

Please select all equipment available at this facility

Contact Information

PRINT THIS FORM for your files before submitting your request. You will be notified via email about the status of your request as soon as possible. 

If you have questions or need assistance completing this form, contact Jackie Jones: [email protected]