Future Forward Faculty

Wake Tech's Future Forward Faculty initiative is a grassroots effort that grew out of conversations prompted by the Center for Strategic Futures speakers' series, where faculty were encouraged to consider "Designing the Future" courses for their students. An initial group of three has grown over time, and the applied benchmarking project has continued as a collaboration of faculty throughout the disciplines.

Reed Morrow Breneman Instructor – Pre-Curriculum [email protected]
Gail Chesson Assistant Professor – English [email protected]
Susan Doody Assistant Professor – English [email protected]
Thomas S. Doody Instructor – History [email protected]
John Richard Etheridge Instructor – English [email protected]
Chris Gandy Assistant Professor – Philosophy [email protected]
Joseph H. Haigler Administrative Department Head - Humanities [email protected]
Linda E. Hill Associate Professor – Humanities [email protected]
Steven J. Hill Associate Professor – History  [email protected]
Steven L. Hitchner Associate Professor – Automotive Systems Technology [email protected]
Kenneth L. Howard Professor – Geology [email protected]
Sarah E. Keeley Instructor – English [email protected]
Kelli E Keltz Instructor – English [email protected]
Elizabeth A. Lewis Instructor - English [email protected]
Gerald Lovett Associate Professor – English [email protected]
Deborah S. Maness Assistant Professor – Pre-Curriculum [email protected]
Sharon W. McMillian Instructor/Department Head – ILC [email protected]
Gretchen L. Miller Associate Professor – Geology [email protected]
Laviece C. Ward Professor – English [email protected]
Denise M. Wetli Professor – Physics [email protected]
Jean Marie Whaley Instructor – Music [email protected]
Patrick B. Williams Instructor – English [email protected]