For more than 50 years, Wake Tech has changed the lives of thousands of people – helped them uncover hidden talents, start bold ventures, realize dreams, and sometimes, do the impossible. 

Each transformation is compelling, each story worth sharing – and Wake Tech students and alumni love sharing them! Take a look at some of their unique and inspiring stories.

Candis Parker Photo

My Wake Tech Story

Candis Parker - Class of 2013

"I’m in a great career doing what I want to do."

Ryan Fowler photo

Ryan's Wake Tech Story

Ryan Fowler - Class of 2019

"I knew Wake Tech would get me ready for a university."

Dominique Lomax photo

Dominique's Wake Tech Story

Dominique Lomax - Class of 2019

"Wake Tech really emphasizes getting you into a job"

Achiv'a Sandiford photo

Achiv'a's Wake Tech Story

Achiv'a Sandiford - Class of 2019

"If it wasn't for Wake Tech and the affordability of the program, I am not sure where I would be".

Shanita Dildy-Goings photo

Shanita's Wake Tech Story

Shanita Dildy-Goings - Class of 2019

"I wanted to be the first in my generation to graduate!"

Mohammad Lafi photo

Mohammad's Wake Tech Story

Mohammad Lafi - Class of 2019

"Wake Tech provides second chances."

Muinde Bull Photo

Rapping his Way to Success

Muinde Bull - Class of 2021

“I write songs based on my life.”