Episode 25: Electric Vehicle Education

Wake Tech is powering up to train highly skilled technicians for the emerging electric vehicle (EV) industry, thanks to nearly $1 million in federal community project funds earmarked for the college. The funds were championed by Second District Congresswoman Deborah Ross, who made the announcement at the Hendrick Center for Automotive Excellence at the Scott Northern Wake Campus.

Dr. Scott Ralls welcomes David Favre, dean of the Transportation Division, and Lora Eddington, dean of the Building, Engineering and Skilled Technologies Division, to talk more about how the college will jump-start new EV training. The college will provide state-of-the-art EV service and diagnostic equipment and professional development for faculty to add EV instruction to four degree programs:

The breadth of the training is unique in that it encompasses teaching electrical degree students how to install and repair EV charging stations – grid to plug – as well as transportation program students how to safely diagnose and repair electric cars and trucks – plug to wheel.

Published on:Feb. 23, 2023

Episode Guests

David Favre

David Favre is dean of Wake Tech's Transportation Division.

Lora Eddington

Lora Eddington is dean of Wake Tech's Building, Engineering and Skilled Technologies Division.