Phone Panic Alarm System

In case of an emergency on any Wake Tech campus, systems are in place to be able to quickly contact the police from a classroom or an office – sometimes without anyone knowing that help has been summoned.

Using panic button on classroom phones

A panic button has been installed on every classroom phone across Wake Tech. To use it, simply press the bottom dot on the large navigation circle in the middle of the phone.

The phone will connect with the Wake Tech emergency communications center in a matter of seconds, and dispatchers and officials there will be able to hear what's happening in the classroom and can respond. But the classroom side will be muted, so no one there will be able to hear anything from police.

If you need to speak with Campus Police during an emergency, dial 65911.

Add Campus Police to office phone speed dial list

The phones in Wake Tech offices aren't equipped with panic buttons. But faculty and staff can still contact police quickly through speed dial.

To get to the speed dial listing, use your Wake Tech email and Key Account password to log in to the cloud-based contact center system for the phone.

On the homepage for your phone, click on the "My Phone's Speed Dials" icon.

My Phone's Speed Dials Starting Icon


Under "Device Name," click on the phone's unique address.

Screen shot showing which link to click for your phone


Then, click on the "+" symbol

Wake Tech Speed Dial Where to Enter Your Phone Numbers


Add the 65911 phone number and "Campus Police" in the appropriate fields to the right. Then, click the "Apply" button in the upper right-hand corner. You may also add any other phone numbers to the speed-dial list, which appears on your phone's screen.

Here's how your finished phone should appear