AAWCC is an organization for women, not of women. Therefore, in addition to engaging with us through actual membership, we encourage male supporters to attend our chapter events, learn from our informational outreach efforts and advocate for the causes we promote.

Wake Tech Chapter History

In 2018 several Wake Tech women independently contacted the AAWCC to explore the possibility of joining or forming a chapter in central North Carolina. Once connected, those women invited others to help plan and organize a Triangle Regional Chapter. Executive Vice President Dr. Gayle Greene arranged for an institutional membership for Wake Tech, and with guidance from the national organization, the group drafted bylaws, elected officers, chapter committee chairs, and submitted a request for recognition by the national board of AAWCC. The national board voted to accept the bylaws on October 29, 2018, but asked that the group change the name to the Wake Technical Community College Chapter and operate exclusively under the college's institutional membership. Those outside Wake Tech are invited and encouraged to participate in all Wake Tech Chapter events as national at-large members.

Chapter Committees

Communications/Marketing Committee

Enhance visibility of Chapter within Wake Tech. This work group creates and executes a marketing plan to attract and engage members in the local chapter. Updating communications through the website and MS Teams is the primary focus.  

Governance Committee

Develop and review organizational documents including bylaws, mission, vision, values, and/or policies to ensure they are appropriate and meeting the needs of the organization. This work group monitors how the Executive Committee manages itself and that the organization is operating in compliance with stated documents. Meetings will occur as needed to make reports and recommendations to the Executive Committee on new and evolving compliance matters. 

Membership Committee

Create recruitment and membership strategies for Faculty, Staff, Students, and Administrators. This work group keeps up-to-date information concerning membership fees, benefits, and relevant information about membership. 

Nominating Committee

Identify and recruit candidates to serve in elective positions for the local Chapter. This work group meets as necessary to recruit and vet candidates when there are open positions.  

Program Committee

Create and execute events that align with AAWCC nationally and the Chapter’s purpose of serving as a supportive community for women. This work group plans events, collaborates with internal and external partners, connects Chapter with established resources, organizations, and events to further each members’ goals. Events may include, but are not limited to, professional development, social events, speakers, community outreach, networking, and book interests. Meetings occur as needed depending on the upcoming events.  

National AAWCC

To learn more about the national chapter of the American Association for Women in Community Colleges, visit the national chapter website (opens in new tab).