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Episode 29: Fourth Industrial Revolution

Featuring Rene Daughtry

In this episode, Michael Eure interviews Rene Daughtry about the Fourth Industrial Revolution and future predictions of cybersecurity, robotics and other emerging fields.

Published on:Jan. 12, 2021

Episode Guest

Rene Daughtry

A 25-year veteran of the company, Rene Daughtry has inspired many at Cisco with his innovative leadership on the Research Triangle Park campus and in communities across North Carolina. Rene Daughtry has started various support teams in Cisco within the Worldwide Technical Support as well as in the Customer Experience (CX) Organization. In past roles in Cisco he had to be innovative and creative in ways Cisco support its customers and create ways to enhance the service offering.

Ten years ago, he started the organization Aisymmetry LLC that conducts Lego robotics workshops and curricula for youth-based non-profits and churches. As a facilitator he regularly works with young people who aren’t interested in robotics or aren’t very confident in the verbal and written skills needed to participate. His solution is to engage them by demonstrating the technology through presentations and demonstrations.

Episode Notes

The episode was streamed December 3, 2020.