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Interested in learning a new language?

Wake Tech has a long history of offering a variety of language learning options. Whether you want to speak a new language, have a ticket to see the world, or simply would like to refresh your skills, we can help you reach your goals. You will learn from experienced language instructors, many of whom are native speakers of the languages they teach. 

Why should you take a foreign language class at Wake Tech?

  • Taught in a relaxed atmosphere, using an interactive and hands-on approach. 
  • Language learning on demand. We offer courses every semester, even during the summer. Do you have a group of people interested or in need of a certain language? We can offer the course on-demand even if it’s not in the current catalog. We can even offer the course at your location! 
  • Seated, online, and hybrid (in-class and online) courses available.

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How do I enroll in a Wake Tech Foreign Language Class?

Registration is open to all adults 18 and older.  Minors aged 16-17 require additional steps. Registration is available online or in-person.   

Not sure which class is right for your skill level?

Contact: Susan Shostak, Languages & Lifelong Learning
[email protected]

French Beginning Part 1FLI-3714B2
Whether you've dreamed of traveling to Paris or simply enjoying a French film without subtitles, this is a great place to start! This first-in-a-series course will introduce you to the language and provide interactive practice sessions to help you express yourself and unders...
French Beginning Part 2FLI-3714E2
Having begun your journey toward French fluency, this is the next step. This second course in our French Beginning series will motivate, encourage, and assist you with everything you need to take your French language ability to the next level. Even more engaging and intera...
French Beginning Part 3FLI-3714F2
Continue your journey toward French fluency with this third course in the French Beginning series. Enhance your proficiency by learning how to talk about the past and how to describe daily routines and personality traits. Learn the vocabulary of food and how to read a menu -...
French Beginning Part 4FLI-3714G2
This fourth and final course in the French Beginning series completes the foundation of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening. The course offers advanced French language concepts along with a thorough review of the series to ensure that students are ready for Fre...
French ConversationFLI-3714D2
Practice French conversation through guided, themed questions in various topic areas that will vary each time the course is offered. All discussions will be conducted in French, and it is expected that students enrolling in this course already have a foundation in basic gra...
French for TravelCSP-4000CL2
Learning basic French phrases will go a long way to making your next trip to France or French-speaking countries successful. The course focuses on the vacation traveler but is also appropriate for business travelers and those planning short-term residence (exchange students,...
French Foundations 1bCSP-4000CZ2
This beginner-level course, part two of a four-part introductory French series, is for students with some knowledge of French. The course focuses on reading and writing, grammar and syntax, communication, and culture. It includes topics such as the weather, family, and vacat...
French Intermediate Part 1FLI-3714C2
Refine and enhance your ability to communicate in French with this intermediate level course. Learn how to observe social customs in everyday discourse, read authentic texts, and write simple, compound, and complex sentences. The course is ideal for anyone pursuing greater F...
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