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Essential Spanish 2
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Available Classes
    Section Location Begin Date End Date Instructor Price Seats Available/Total Seats
234976 Face-to-Face Online Instruction 10/21/2020 02/24/2021 A. Altman $125.00 2/8
Description Course Outline Requirements Intended Audience More Details
Intended Audience
This is the second part of a five-part, comprehensive series for serious students, ready to make a commitment to study over four semesters. The series establishes a foundation for understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish, with emphasis on pronunciation, parts of speech, communicative phrases, culture, and skills for language acquisition. Part two covers ordinal numbers, adjectives, tenses, irregular verbs, nouns, pronouns, indirect objects, preterite, family, weather, places, prices, shopping, and colors.
Course Objectives
  1. continue to learn the language and gain exposure to the culture
  2. be able to identify and apply basic grammar concepts, display cultural awareness, and communicate simple Spanish phrases.
Outline of Instruction
  1. Chapter 3: fotonovela, cultura, estructura, adelante
    i. family
    ii. Identifying people
    iii. Professions
  2. Chapter 4 - fotonovela, cultura, estructura, adelante
    i. Past-times
    ii. Sports
    iii. Places in the city
  3. Chapter 5 – fotonovela, cultura, estructura, adelante
    i. Travel and Vacation
    ii. Months
    iii. Seasons and Weather
    iv. Ordinal Numbers
  4. Chapter 6- fotonovela, cultura, estructura, adelante
    i. Clothing and Shopping
    ii. Negotiating price and buying
    iii. Colors
    iv. More adjectives
Contact Hours
Industry Standard, State, or National Certification
CE to CU Articulation
Essential Spanish 1 or equivalent experience (semester of beginner level Spanish)
Text and Supplies Needed
Vistas 5th edition and supersite access.
Clinical Site/Special Facilities
Facilities must have internet access
Requirements for Successful Completion of this Course
  1. Attendance 90% or above
  2. Participation
  3. Completion of Homework
Accreditation/Special Approval Requirements
Intended Audience
Specific Industry or Business Support Needs
Industry or Job Titles Related to training Outcomes for Employment
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  • Complete Spanish 1a - FLI-3717AA2
  • Spanish for Beginners - FLI-3717N3
  • Complete Spanish 1 - FLI-3717AJ2
Course Contact Information
Susan Shostak