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Wake Tech has a long history of offering a variety of language learning options. Whether you want to speak a new language, have a ticket to see the world, or simply would like to refresh your skills, we can help you reach your goals. You will learn from experienced language instructors, many of whom are native speakers of the languages they teach. 

Why should you take a foreign language class at Wake Tech?

  • Taught in a relaxed atmosphere, using an interactive and hands-on approach. 
  • Language learning on demand. We offer courses every semester, even during the summer. Do you have a group of people interested or in need of a certain language? We can offer the course on demand even if it’s not in the current catalog. We can even offer the course at your location! Request group training now. 
  • Seated, online, and hybrid (in class and online) courses available.

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How do I enroll in a Wake Tech Foreign Language Class?

Registration is open to all adults 18 and older.  Minors aged 16-17 require additional steps. Registration is available online or in-person.   

Not sure which class is right for your skill level?

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Mike Langer, Languages & Lifelong Learning, Director


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Advanced Fiction WritingCSP-4000CCE1 available classes
Explore advanced fiction writing techniques with a published novelist. Do you have a story idea but aren't sure how to begin? Do your friends say you write well, but you're not sure how to get started on that first book? Do you have a manuscript (or part of one) that you’d l...
Advanced Public SpeakingCOM-3711P31 available classes
Master public speaking! Build your skills in writing, delivering, and evaluating effective speaking in a variety of public settings and situations outside “the comfort of home.” With in-class presentations and practice, you’ll become more dynamic and better able to present y...
Beginning Your Novel - From Idea to First DraftSEF-3001DO21 available classes
Many people want to write a novel, but most have no idea where to begin. This course guides you through the process, from identifying a workable concept to developing a working outline and beginning a first draft. We will discuss outlining a plot, developing characters, and...
Beyond the Basics: Pronunciation for Non-Native English Speakers Part 1SEF-3001BR21 available classes
Make sure your message is clear to others! Improve your pronunciation, manage your accent, and become more easily understood. Part 1 of this course for non-native English speakers will help you with vowel sounds, word stress and stress patterns, and sentence stress.
Beyond the Basics: Pronunciation Part 3SEF-3001HG21 available classes
A foreign accent can make everyday conversation a challenge. This advanced pronunciation course focuses on improving your accurate pronunciation and conversational practice.
Business & Marketing WritingCOM-3711GE1 available classes
Write great marketing copy to improve your company's image and your chances of getting hired or promoted. Are you a writer working in the business world? Or a marketing professional responsible for great marketing copy? You may need training for your current position – or yo...
Career Seeking Skills for Translators and InterpretersHRD-3004AW41 available classes
This course will explore the skills necessary to become an interpreter and/or translator. Students will learn the difference between being an interpreter and a translator and have the opportunity to assess their language skills for either industry. They will understand the...
Completing Your Novel – Stuck In The MiddleSEF-3001DP21 available classes
Many aspiring novelists have a drawer full of abandoned manuscripts – this course can help! It is designed to help students overcome being “stuck” and move forward with a novel project. They will discuss story structure and how to map the way from first chapters to last word...
Confidence in Public SpeakingCOM-3711T31 available classes
Whether it is a business presentation or an impromptu speech for coworkers, speaking in front of an audience at work can make some people anxious. Improve your ability to communicate with this course, which introduces basic principles of speech communication. Develop confide...
Creative WritingCSP-4000HW21 available classes
Want to try your hand at creative writing, or improve what you’re already working on? In this class, you’ll grow as a creative writer, constructively responding to each other’s writing in a confidential space. You’ll write from prompts to create plots, develop characters, an...
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