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Wake Tech has a long history of offering a variety of language learning options. Whether you want to speak a new language, have a ticket to see the world, or simply would like to refresh your skills, we can help you reach your goals. You will learn from experienced language instructors, many of whom are native speakers of the languages they teach. 

Why should you take a foreign language class at Wake Tech?

  • Taught in a relaxed atmosphere, using an interactive and hands-on approach. 
  • Language learning on demand. We offer courses every semester, even during the summer. Do you have a group of people interested or in need of a certain language? We can offer the course on-demand even if it’s not in the current catalog. We can even offer the course at your location! 
  • Seated, online, and hybrid (in-class and online) courses available.

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How do I enroll in a Wake Tech Foreign Language Class?

Registration is open to all adults 18 and older.  Minors aged 16-17 require additional steps. Registration is available online or in-person.   

Not sure which class is right for your skill level?

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Basic Fiction Writing Part 1SEF-3001I21 available classes
We all have great stories, be they fun, factual, or fictional. Many new writers are fearful of writing or sharing their stories. This class helps you harness your imagination and organize your ideas on the page. It introduces tools for writing powerful fiction. Students will...
Basic Fiction Writing Part 2SEF-3001J21 available classes
This course helps you finish your story. So often we start projects and can’t seem to sustain them to THE END of the story. Building on the skills you learned in Basic Fiction Writing 1, this class will help you polish and enhance your writing. Each class meeting will includ...
Creative WritingCSP-4000HW21 available classes
Want to try your hand at creative writing, or improve what you’re already working on? In this class, you’ll grow as a creative writer, constructively responding to each other’s writing in a confidential space. You’ll write from prompts to create plots, develop characters, an...
Effective Business WritingSEF-3001EE1 available classes
Do you have a nagging suspicion that a small improvement in your writing skills might also improve your career prospects? Don't let small gaps in your business writing skills prevent you from reaching your full potential! It doesn't matter whether you're a clerical worker, a...
Essential Spanish 3FLI-3717AX21 available classes
This is the third part of a five-part, comprehensive series for serious students, ready to make a commitment to study over four semesters. The series establishes a foundation for understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish, with emphasis on pronunciation, parts of...
French Intermediate 2BCSP-4000HH21 available classes
Do you know the basics and are you ready continue learning intermediate French? This is the fourth course in a four-part series for the Intermediate French student. You will refine and enhance your ability to communicate in French.
Introduction to Deaf CultureCSP-4000JF21 available classes
Would you like to learn more about the Deaf community and culture? This stand-alone course introduces Deaf culture in the United States. The course will be offered online and in American Sign Language, with an accessible format to include everyone regardless of signing abili...
Introduction to KoreanCSP-4000AS23 available classes
Are you ready to join over 80 million people already speaking Korean? This beginner’s course is for those who have never studied Korean – or have studied it in the past but not retained it. Focus on reading and writing the language, grammar, syntax, and effective communicati...
Introduction to Korean IIICSP-4000CT21 available classes
This intermediate-level course includes speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The course emphasizes conversation skills and focuses on listening and learning through everyday dialogue and activities. Students will study advanced grammar and syntax as well as participat...
Introduction to Korean IVCSP-4000CU21 available classes
This course helps develop intermediate-level skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing Korean. The course includes real life conversations, writing sentences and essays, and watching Korean dramas and television shows. Upon completion, students will be able to conv...
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