Spring Ahead!

No need to wait for the next semester to pursue your higher education and career goals! Wake Tech now offers numerous classes for newly-admitted students to get started on their degree or for current students to add to their current schedule this spring! #SpringAhead

Current Students

Add classes to your spring schedule.
Classes start in February and March.

  • 12-week session: February 5-May 11
  • 8-week session: March 15-May 11
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Prospective Students

If you're applying for the first time and want to start classes this spring, then call or email the Admissions Office to change your application default from Summer/Fall 2021 to Spring 2021!

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Courses with additional sections available during the 8 and 12-week sessions

ACC-120 HIS-111
ACC-121 HIS-112
ACC-129 HIS-131
ANT-210 HIS-132
ANT-220 HUM-110
ANT-245 HUM-115
ART-111 INT-110
ART-115 INT-210
BIO-169 LOG-110
BUS-110 MKT-120
BUS-121 MKT-123
BUS-125 MUS-110
BUS-137 PHI-215
BUS-240 PHI-240
CJC-111 POL-120
COM-231 PSY-118
CSC-120 PSY-150
CSC-121 PSY-241
CTI-120 PSY-281
ECO-251 SOC-210
ECO-252 SOC-213
EDU-119 SOC-220