Fall Forward

No need to wait for next semester to pursue your higher education and career goals! There are plenty of courses you can take this fall that will put you ahead of the game by the time spring comes. Don’t put it off – apply or register today! #FallForward

  • 12-week session: September 14 – December 15
  • 8-week session: October 15 – December 15

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New Students

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Courses with additional sections available this fall:

12-Week Courses (Begin September 14th)

Course Location
ACC-120 Online
ACC-120 RTP Campus
ACC-121 Online
ACC-121 RTP Campus
ACC-132 Online
ACC-140 Online
ACC-140 Southern Wake Campus
ACC-150 Online
ACC-151 Online
ACC-225 Online
ACC-249 Online
BUS-121 Southern Wake Campus
BUS-121 Northern Wake Campus
CJC-212 Online
COM-231 Online
ENG-111 Online
LOG-110 Online
LOG-210 Online
PHI-215 Online
PHI-240 Online

8-Week Courses (Begin October 15th)

Course Location
ACA-111 Online
ANT-240 Southern Wake Campus
BAS-121 Online
BAS-220 Online
BIO-168 RTP Campus
BUS-110 RTP Campus
BUS-110 Online
BUS-137 RTP Campus
BUS-137 Online
CHM-90 Northern Wake Campus
CJC-121 Northern Wake Campus
CJC-122 RTP Campus
COM-110 Northern Wake Campus
COM-120 Online
CTI-110 Online
CTI-120 Northern Wake Campus
DRA-111 RTP Campus
DRA-111 Online
ECO-151 RTP Campus
ENG-114 Online
GRD-141 Online
GRD-145 Online
GRD-146 Online
GRD-151 Online
HIS-111 Online
HIS-112 Online
HIS-131 Online
HIS-132 Northern Wake Campus
HIS-132 Online
HRM-120 Online
HUM-110 Online
HUM-115 Western Wake
HUM-115 Online
MKT-120 Online
MKT-120 RTP Campus
NET-126 Public Safety Education Campus
NET-126 RTP Campus
NET-126 Southern Wake Campus
NET-126 Northern Wake Campus
NET-225 Northern Wake Campus
NOS-110 RTP Campus
PAD-152 Online
PHI-215 Online
PHI-240 Online
POL-120 Online
PSY-150 Online
PSY-281 Online
REL-110 Online
REL-211 Online
REL-212 Online
SOC-210 Online
SOC-220 Online
WEB-110 Online