New student information

Checklist for Admissions (

  • Step 1 Application for Wake Tech
  • Step 2 Application for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (optional)
  • Step 3 Official Transcripts
  • Step 4 Contact Student Services - David Johnson ([email protected] or 919-866-5432)


The following will be required for Cosmetology Concepts courses. Please note that all books listed are subject to change. (Book bundle may be purchased at the Wake Tech Bookstore)

  • COS 111, COS113, COS 115, COS 117 will need the following: Pivot Point Bundle: Student Book Set with Artist Access: Cosmetology: Textbook, Study Guide, Exam Prep, Artist Access     Item#   SF01V2C + Artist Access,  Pivot Point Essentials Kit,  Pivot Point  Mannequin, Erika Solid  
  • COS 223 textbook: CLIC International CLIC Haircoloring, by Geno Stampora; miscellaneous supplies for lab projects
  • COS 224 textbook and workbook: Hair Structure and Chemistry Simplified, 5th edition, by John Halal
  • COS 225 textbook: Hair Coloring: A Hands-On Approach, by Patricia Spencer
  • COS 240 textbook:  No book required

Kit supplies

The following are required for all Cosmetology Salon courses: COS 112, COS 114, COS 116 and COS 118. Please note that list is subject to change. The kit can be purchased at the Wake Tech Bookstore. KIT #: 210599 WAKE TECH COS KIT 2013

Uniform policy

Uniform apparel can be purchased at Wake Tech's BookstoreWalmart or any uniform (scrubs) shop  :
Solid black uniform pants (2-3 pairs) Solid black, closed-toe shoes
Solid black uniform shirt, monogrammed (2-3)  Solid black lab coat (optional)
Monogramming is required

Professional name badge, engraved (1-2). Must be worn over monogramming at all times until 300 hours have been completed. 

Badge Example:  First Name  Last Name
                             Beginner Cosmetology

Monogramming Example: First Name  Last Name
                                          Advanced Cosmetology

  • NOTE: Cosmetology is a professional, on-the-job-training course, and all students must maintain a professional appearance and conduct themselves professionally at all times. No exceptions.

    • No variations are allowed in the uniform, monogramming or name badge.
    • The complete black uniform must always be worn in any area of Cosmetology.
    • All uniform components must be kept neat, clean and in good repair.
    • If a sweater or jacket is necessary for warmth, it must be solid black and monogrammed.
    • Turtlenecks and the like may be worn under uniform tops but must be solid black and professional-looking.

    Students who have questions may email Cosmetology Department Head Paula Askew at [email protected]