Technical Standards for Biopharmaceutical Technology

A student wishing to enroll in the Biopharmaceutical Technology curriculum must meet the following
They must:

  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills involving basic math, the use of a calculator, and the ability to¬†interpret word problems
  • Communicate clearly (orally and in writing) in order to relay information to the appropriate individuals
  • Read and correctly carry out written instructions in class and in lab exercises
  • Understand and correctly carry out oral instructions
  • Work independently or in teams
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner
  • Deal with other students and instructors with patience and tolerance
  • Follow directions precisely
  • Think before speaking
  • The Biopharmaceutical industry has very strict procedures and codes of conduct. Acceptance of this structure and control is paramount for success in this program and this field of employment.