Employee Directory
Name Title/Department Campus Bldg-Room Office Tel
Valentine, Gina Marie
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Nursing
Associate Degree Nursing (Non-
Perry Health Sciences Campus HA - 343 919-747-0076
Van Brunt, Tricia
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Mathematics
Math and Physics
Northern Wake Campus ND - 463 919-532-5923
Vandawalker, Pat
[email protected]
Financial Services
Northern Wake Campus NC - 236D 919-866-5412
VanOverbake, Sandi
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Forensic Science
Criminal Justice Technology
Public Safety Education Campus
VanSchaick, Dayla J
[email protected]
Instructor 10M Early Childhood Education (NWCCA)
Off Campus Facilities NWCA - 1410 919-866-6307
Vasquez, Yadira L
[email protected]
State Budget Analyst
Financial Services
Southern Wake Campus SM - 110A 919-866-5950
Vaughan, Joyce A.
[email protected]
Coordinator/Instructor Law Enforcement Training (50%)
Public Safety & Homeland Secur
Public Safety Education Campus PSEC - 1713 919-866-6102
Vaught Daniels, Starlette Lejeune
[email protected]
Assistant Director, Disability Support Services
Disability Support Services
Northern Wake Campus NF - 331 919-866-6211
Vestal, Muffy Yates
[email protected]
Department Head, Design and Construction Technologies
Engineering & Skilled Tech
Northern Wake Campus NJ - 106A 919-866-5329
Vester, Jonathan
[email protected]
Director of End User Support & Office of the CIO
Office of the CIO
Southern Wake Campus SB - 154A 919-866-5071
Vetter, Kelly Diane
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Mathematics
Math and Physics
Southern Wake Campus SC - 101Y 919-866-5661
Vinal, Andrew Clayton
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Biotechnology
RTP Campus RT2 - 340M 919-355-1321
Vince, Savannah Dawn Purvis
[email protected]
PTI - First Year Academy - STP
First Year Academy
Southern Wake Campus SM - 310B 919-866-5142
Vinson, Carolyn B.
[email protected]
Instructional Supervisor
Correction Education
Public Safety Education Campus PSEC - 1210 919-866-6126
Vinson, Shannon Kubiak
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Mathematics
Math and Physics
Northern Wake Campus ND - 459 919-532-5693
Vitacco, Mark Donald
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Mechanical Drafting Technology
Mechanical Drafting Technology
Southern Wake Campus SF - 228 919-866-5159
Voelker, Laurel Duckett
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Biology
Life Sciences - Biology
Southern Wake Campus SC - 234 919-866-5641
Vohwinkel, Dawn Rene
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Mathematics
Math and Physics
Northern Wake Campus ND - 461 919-866-5961
Volstad, Gabrielle Shantel
[email protected]
Instructor 9M English
Northern Wake Campus NE - 459 919-532-5865