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Name Title/Department Campus Bldg-Room Office Tel
Tahamtan, Laura Leet
[email protected]
Compliance and Completions Coordinator
401S SL - 252-6 919-866-5164
Tamer, Dana W.
[email protected]
Associate Professor/Center Coordinator, ILC Computer
Individualized Learning Ctr
401S SJ - 126 919-866-5288
Tart, Marla L.
[email protected]
Vice President, Finance and Business Services
Financial & Accounting Svcs.
401S SM - 110D 919-866-5901
Tatum, Carla Denise
[email protected]
Administrative Assistant
Mathematics, Sciences & Egr.
401S SC - 239 919-866-5640
Taylor, Fessie Odean
[email protected]
Administrative Assistant
Health Sciences
HS HS - 423 919-747-0165
Taylor, Melissa Ann
[email protected]
Technical Assistant - Facilities Operations
Facilities Design & Construct
401S SM - 208B 919-866-6132
Taylor, Lori Ann
[email protected]
Program Support and TABE Training Specialist
CCR Program Accountability
BEC BEC - 122A 919-334-1555
Taylor, Anthony Trevon
[email protected]
Instructor/Coordinator, Correction Education
Correction Education
Taylor, Julie M.
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Pre-Curriculum Mathematics
Academic Foundations
401S SC - 232 919-866-5660
Taylor, Elizabeth Parker
[email protected]
Administrative Assistant
Arts, Humanities & Soc Sci
401N NE - 437 919-532-5839
Taylor, Patricia S
[email protected]
Office Assistant/Receptionist, Hrd
HRD Basic Skills
401N NC - 409 919-532-5696
Teague, Dana Lynn
[email protected]
Director of Events, NWC
Chief Campus Office, Main
401N NE - 222 919-532-5511
Teal, Randy J.
[email protected]
Hardware Specialist
Facilities South West

Teander, Paula Armstrong
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Sociology
401S SB - 287 919-866-6153
Temple-Godfrey, Andrea [email protected] Academic Advisor
401N NB - 258 919-532-5773
Tennant, Julia A.
[email protected]
Instructional Program Specialist
BEC BEC - 108A 919-334-1545
Terjesen, Betsy L
[email protected]
Assistant to the Dean of Admissions & Outreach
Admissions & Outreach Admin
401S SL - 121E-1 919-866-5150
Terrill, Marilyn Elizabeth
[email protected]
Dean, Veterans Programs and Innovation
Military & Vet Pgm/Multi-Camp
401N NC - 209A 919-532-5994
Thacker, Lana Hurley
[email protected]
Admissions Records Assistant I
401S SL - 121E-5 919-866-5438
Thomas, Heather Horton
[email protected]
Instructor 10M Nursing Assistant
Workforce Allied Health

Thomas, Melanie [email protected] Associate Professor 9M Accounting
401S SA - 156N 919-866-5859
Thomas, Jennifer Lynne
[email protected]
Business Developer
Corp.& Business Solutions

Thomas-Golden, Tammalyn [email protected] Title III Project Director (Grant Funded, Time Limited)
Student Services Admin
401S SL - 121-G 919-866-6226
Thomason, Rhonda T.
[email protected]
Assistant to the Dean
Arts, Humanities & Soc Sci
401S SB - 204M 919-866-5177
Thomasson, Christopher Lee
[email protected]
IT Analyst I
End User Services
401N NH - 163 919-532-5862
Thompson, Florianna Justice
[email protected]
Professor/Evening Coordinator Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Associate
401S SA - 118 919-866-5731
Thompson, Sara Anderson
[email protected]
PTI-Health Occupy(NA)NC
Health Occupations
HS AHB - 313 919-747-0077
Thompson, April L
[email protected]
Administrative Assistant
Applied Egr & Technologies
401S SF - 215 919-866-5798
Thompson, Donald David
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Psychology
401S SB - 279 919-866-5186
Thum, Edward Richard
[email protected]
Instructor 9 M Business Administration
Business Administration
401N NK - 245 919-532-5805
Timberlake, William Taylor
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M A/C Heating & Refrigeration
A/C, Heating, & Refrigeration
401S SF - 219 919-866-5155
Tims, Raymond Lindsey
[email protected]
Dean of Education Services Technology and Campus Support
Education Svcs. & Technology
401N ND - 234 919-532-5523
Tingelstad, Catherine Jane
[email protected]
Public Services Librarian
Library Services
HS HEB - 123A 919-747-0013
Todd, Melessia Lynn
[email protected]
Instructor 9 M Biology
HS AHB - 206 919-747-0114
Tollison, Tammy [email protected] Instructor 9 M Biology
401S SC - 224 919-866-5590
Tompkins, Gail A
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Biology
401N NH - 257 919-532-5611
Toms, Marcia Lynn
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Academic Success
First Year Academy
401N NF - 304 919-532-5867
Toone, Bryce Austin
[email protected]
Campus Police Officer
Campus Police & Security Svcs
HS HS - Police 919-866-5943
Traylor, Michael John
[email protected]
Instructor 9 M Mathematics
401S SC - 101X 919-866-7102
Trent, Natasha Olivia
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Medical Office Administration
Medical Office Administration
401S SE - 320D 919-866-5677
Trepper, Jennifer Lee
[email protected]
Learning Disability Specialist
Disability Support Services
401N NF - 325 919-532-5742
Tribble, Patrick Todd
[email protected]
eLearning Technologist
eLearning Supt.& Inst. Design
401N NH - 212 919-532-5767
Tripp, Benjamin Randolph
[email protected]
Instructor - Heavy Equipment & Transport Tech (12M)
Vehicle/Equipment Systems
401S SP - B109 919-866-5995
Truelove, Gabriela [email protected] Creative Services Coordinator
401S SM - 212 919-866-5883
Trythall, Linda Marie
[email protected]
Mathematic Learning Disability Specialist
Disability Support Services
401S SA - 138 U5 919-866-5852
Tsai, Mary Beth M.
[email protected]
Professor 9M Mathematics
401S SC - 101P 919-866-5984
Tsai, George Chya-Chysi
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Advertising & Graphic Design
Advertising and Graphic Design
401S SE - 321D 919-866-5369
Tucker, Linda Gail
[email protected]
PTI - Receipt Supported Occupational Ext.
Receipt Supported Occupational
401S SA - 108G 919-866-5681
Turner, Norvel [email protected] Assistant Director, Disability Support Services
Disability Support Services
401S SA - 138D 919-866-5668
Turner, Kelly P
[email protected]
Laboratory Technician, Bionetwork
Bionetwork Capstone Center

Turner, Rudolph M
[email protected]
Instructor 9 M Mathematics

Turner, Ken [email protected] Assistant Professor 9M Simulation and Game Development
Simulation & Game Development
401S SE - 327B 919-866-5389
Tyler, Hylana Latrice
[email protected]
Instructional Program Specialist/Assessment Coordinator
Adult Secondary Education
BEC BEC - 132 919-334-1568