Employee Directory
Name Title/Department Campus Bldg-Room Office Tel
Nalle, Kiara
[email protected]
Career Services Events Coordinator
Career Services
Northern Wake Campus NE - 125A 919-532-5878
Nantz, Derrick Phillip
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Philosophy/Humanities
RTP Campus RT1 - 332G 919-866-5857
Narin, Sheri Lynn
[email protected]
Associate Department Head, Social Sciences
Liberal Arts
Northern Wake Campus NH - 241 919-532-5675
Naylor, Allyson
[email protected]
Assoc.Dean, Stdnt Svcs/Care Team Director-Hlthcare&Wellness
Perry Health Sciences Campus HA - 110 919-747-0102
Neagle, Edwin Yates
[email protected]
Professor 9M English
Northern Wake Campus NE - 425 919-532-5740
Neagle, Janice
[email protected]
Instructional Supervisor
Correction Education
Public Safety Education Campus PSEC - 1212 919-866-6265
Neal, DeMar
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Music
Foreign Lang/Fine Arts - Music
Northern Wake Campus NE - 349 919-532-5861
Neighbors, Cynthia Booth
[email protected]
Professor 9M English
Southern Wake Campus SB - 388 919-866-5576
Nelson, Toye Denise Griffin
[email protected]
Admissions & Academic Advisor
Perry Health Sciences Campus HA - 114 919-747-0025
Nelson, Sara
[email protected]
Student Advocate Case Mgr, Fostering Bright Futures -GF, TL
Care Center
Northern Wake Campus NB - 253 919-866-5165
Neri Ortiz, Hector
[email protected]
PTI - HEP Grant
Basic Skills Programs
BEC BEC - 138A-4 919-866-5851
Nichols, Bernita Mason
[email protected]
Senior Director, Customized Training
Customized Training
Western Wake Campus MILL - 210 919-335-1014
Nichols, Cam Lynette
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Mathematics
Math and Physics
Northern Wake Campus ND - 445 919-532-5704
Nicholson, Jennifer Ann
[email protected]
Data Analyst II
Office of the CIO
Northern Wake Campus NH - 222 919-532-5989
Nikolic, Stephanie Frances
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 10M Culinary Arts (NWCCA)
Culinary Arts
Off Campus Facilities NWCA - 1310 919-866-6306
Niles, Beau
[email protected]
Instructor 9 M Sociology
Southern Wake Campus SB - 287 919-866-5183
Nkany, Bndicte
[email protected]
Laboratory Training Associate
Bionetwork Capstone Center
Noel, Connie Renee
[email protected]
Accounts Payable Technician
Financial Services
Southern Wake Campus SM - 110-14 919-866-5903
Norris, Allison Renee'
[email protected]
Administrative Coordinator
Fire Services
Public Safety Education Campus PSEC - 1103 919-866-7010
Norris, Tracy Lynn
[email protected]
Mail Services Supervisor
Business Services
Southern Wake Campus SA - 149 919-866-5922
Norton, Gillian
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Psychology
Northern Wake Campus NH - 251 919-532-5731
Nuckolls, Jeffrey T
[email protected]
Public Service Librarian
Library Services
Northern Wake Campus NF - 253 919-532-5555
Nuesell, Jerry
[email protected]
College Ombuds
President's Office
Southern Wake Campus SN - 131 919-866-5479
Nunez, Brian Scott
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Biology
Life Sciences - Biology
Northern Wake Campus NH - 267 919-532-5908
Nunnally, William Hayward
[email protected]
Care Team Director
Academic Advising
Northern Wake Campus NB - 246 919-532-5999