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Name Title/Department Campus Bldg-Room Office Tel
Naleway, Teresa Elaine
[email protected]
IT Campus Coordinator
End User Services
RTP RT1 - 115EC 919-335-1201
Namboodri, Shannon L
[email protected]
Assistant Professor/Assoc.Dept Head,Engineering
401N ND - 377 919-532-5648
Nantz, Derrick Phillip
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Philosophy/Humanities
401S SB - 157D 919-866-5857
Narin, Sheri Lynn
[email protected]
Administrative Dept Head, Human Services Technology
Human Services Technology
401N NB - 352 919-532-5675
Naylor, Allyson Holly
[email protected]
Academic Advisor
401S SL - 121-5 919-866-5456
Neagle, Edwin Yates
[email protected]
Professor 9M English
401N NE - 425 919-532-5740
Neagle, Rebecca Landau
[email protected]
Provost, Arts and Sciences & Chief Campus Officer, NWC
Chief Campus Office
401N ND - 244 919-532-5520
Neagle, Janice Michelle
[email protected]
Instructor/Coordinator, Correction Education
Correction Education

Neal, Demar Austin
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Music
Foreign Lang/Fine Arts - Music
401N NE - 349 919-532-5861
Neighbors, Cynthia Booth
[email protected]
Professor 9M English
401S SB - 388 919-866-5576
Neilson, James J
[email protected]
Professor/Associate Department Head English
401N NE - 431 919-532-5518
Newberne, Reginald [email protected] Law-Enforcement Officers - S.S.A
Campus Police & Security Svcs
401N NF - Police 919-866-5943
Nichols, Cam Lynette
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Pre-Curriculum Mathematics
Academic Foundations
401N NF - 410 919-532-5704
Nichols, Bernita Mason
[email protected]
Senior Director, Customized Training
Corp. & Business Solutions
WEST MILL - 216 919-335-1014
Nicholson, Jennifer Ann
[email protected]
Assistant to the Senior Dean, Strategic Innovations
Strategic Innovations
401N NH - 204 919-532-5662
Nikolic, Stephanie Frances
[email protected]
Instructor 10M Culinary Arts (NWCCA)
Culinary Arts

Niles, Beau [email protected] Instructor 9 M Sociology
401S SB - 281 919-866-5183
Norris, Hannah E
[email protected]
Student Success Coach (Title III) (Grant Funded)
Student Services Admin
401S SL - 121-G 919-866-6192
Norris, Allison Renee'
[email protected]
Administrative Coordinator
Fire Services
PSEC - 1103 919-866-5823
Norton, Gillian Anne
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Psychology
401N NH - 227 919-532-5731
Nuesell, Gerard Joseph
[email protected]
College Ombuds
President's Office
401S SN - 131 919-866-5479
Nunez, Brian Scott
[email protected]
Instructor 9 M Biology
Life Sciences - Biology
401N NH - 267 919-532-5908
Nystrom, Emily Louise
[email protected]
Instructor - Electrical/Electronics Technology (Temp)
Electrical Systems Technology
401S SF - 229 919-866-5336