Employee Directory
Name Title/Department Campus Bldg-Room Office Tel
La May, Lauren Hobbs
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Drama
Communication/Theatre - Drama
Southern Wake Campus SB - 203 919-866-5873
Lacorte, Layton Francesco
Instructor Welding Technology
Dsgn & Const: Welding Tech
Northern Wake Campus NJ - 103
Ladd, Marlo Latrese
[email protected]
Evaluation Assistant I
Southern Wake Campus SL - 254-3 919-866-5707
Lainfiesta, Patricia Ellen
[email protected]
Admission Records Imaging Assistant
Admissions Records & Comm
Southern Wake Campus SL - 121 E7 919-866-5454
Lake, Stephanie Spofford
[email protected]
Chief Operating Officer, Foundation
Foundation Office
Southern Wake Campus SM - 320D 919-866-5927
Lamb, Christopher Scott
[email protected]
Instructor 9M English as a Foreign Language
Academic Foundations
Northern Wake Campus NF - 306 919-532-5706
Lane, Queen
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Academic Success
First Year Academy
Northern Wake Campus NF - 314 919-532-5511
Lane, Jeremy
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Mathematics
Math and Physics
Southern Wake Campus SC - 101-X 919-866-7102
Langer, Michael John
[email protected]
Director Community and Career Education
Operations & Assessment
Northern Wake Campus NB - 462 919-532-5526
Langley, Shawn Mitchell
[email protected]
Mathematics Learning Disability Specialist
Disability Support Services
Northern Wake Campus NF - 321 919-532-5657
Langley, Michael
[email protected]
Instructor Medical Laboratory Technology
Medical Laboratory Technology
Langton, Rebecca C.
[email protected]
PTI Health and Fitness - Stipend
Health and Fitness Science
Northern Wake Campus NK - 269 919-532-5972
Lankford, James R
[email protected]
Industry Trainer, BioNetwork Capstone Center
Bionetwork Capstone Center
Lapeze, Jason
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M English
Southern Wake Campus SB - 360 919-866-5245
Larison, Richie
[email protected]
Manager of Enterprise Application Services
Enterprise Solutions
Larkins, Cathy
[email protected]
Office Assistant
Academic Advising
Northern Wake Campus NB - 239 919-866-5759
Lassiter, Dana Watson
[email protected]
PTI - Criminal Justice - Mandated
Criminal Justice - Mandated
Public Safety Education Campus PSEC - 1908 919-866-6521
Latil, Byron James
[email protected]
Professor Civil Engineering/Geomatics (Surveying)Technology
Dsgn & Const: Civil Engr Tech
Southern Wake Campus SF - 216 919-866-5342
Latimore, Frederick Q.
[email protected]
General Technician
Southern Wake Campus SL - 233BC 919-866-5529
Lavryshyna, Lena

[email protected]
Assistant to the Provost, IT Programs and RTP Campus
RTP_Provost General
RTP Campus RT2 - 101J 919-335-1218
Lawrence, Cynthia Louise
[email protected]
Director, Biotechnology, WCE
Western Wake Campus MILL - 213 919-335-1037
Lawson, Tamaria Maxine
[email protected]
ITS Project Manager II
Office of the CIO
Southern Wake Campus SM - 112Fa 919-866-5225
Lawton, Veronica
[email protected]
Graphic Design Specialist
Communications and Marketing
Southern Wake Campus SM - 212 E 919-866-5945
Lear, Mark D.
[email protected]
Provisioning & Deployment Analyst II
Infrastructure and Operations
Southern Wake Campus SB - 138 919-866-6297
Leathers, Annie
[email protected]
Assistant to the AVP for Military, Veteran & Special Pgms
Northern Wake Campus NC - 209 919-532-5833
Lebby, Antoinette Darice
[email protected]
Fin. Aid Spec. II, Max. Timeframe & Appeals Tsf. Monitoring
Financial Aid
Northern Wake Campus NC - 218D 919-866-5418
Lechner, Kirsten H
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Communications
Southern Wake Campus SB - 209 919-866-5189
Leckman, Sarah A.
[email protected]
Instructor Cloud Computing
Cloud Infrastructure
Northern Wake Campus NB - 344 919-866-5343
Lee, Amber Driver
[email protected]
NC BioNetworkTraining Coordinator
Bionetwork Capstone Center
Lee, Nykiya De'anna
[email protected]
Instructor, Nursing
Associate Degree Nursing (Non-
Perry Health Sciences Campus HA - 329 919-747-0191
Lee, Jennifer Ann
[email protected]
Instructor Web/UX Design and Development
Digital Media & Web Developmnt
Southern Wake Campus SE - 321E 919-866-5381
Lee, Lauren Williams
[email protected]
Assistant to the Vice President, ITS
Information Tech Services
Southern Wake Campus SM - 326C 919-866-5100
Leigh, Alan
[email protected]
Veteran Services Education Specialist
Veterans Services
Northern Wake Campus NC - 211 919-532-5916
Leinbach, Adrianne A.
[email protected]
Senior Professor Geology
Physical Sciences - Geology
RTP Campus RT1 - 326-C 919-335-1285
Lennon, Walter
[email protected]
Project Manager
Facilities Design & Construct
Southern Wake Campus ST - 201E 919-866-6167
Leonard, Maribeth E.
[email protected]
Instructional Program Specialist, Adult High School
Adult Secondary Education
Leonard, Jeffrey T.
[email protected]
Curriculum Data Management Coordinator
Curriculum Data Management
Southern Wake Campus SL - 250 919-866-5719
Leonard, Nikki
[email protected]
Department Head, Education
Business & Prof. Svcs.-General
Southern Wake Campus SA - 107 919-866-5738
Lessard, Stewart Erwin
[email protected]
Network and Cloud Infrastructure Engineer II
Infrastructure and Operations
Southern Wake Campus SB - 112 919-866-5127
Lester, Debra Ann
[email protected]
Procurement Specialist I
Business Services
Southern Wake Campus SM - 108B 919-866-5538
Leverton, Laura Quinn
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Biology
Life Sciences - Biology
Northern Wake Campus NH - 267 919-532-5845
Levine, Geoffrey
[email protected]
Digital Media Producer
Communications and Marketing
Southern Wake Campus SM - 208 D 919-866-6162
Levins-Malone, Latesha S
[email protected]
Instructor 10M Early Childhood Education (NWCCA)
Off Campus Facilities
Lewis, Elizabeth Ann
[email protected]
Assistant Professor English
Northern Wake Campus NE - 453 919-532-5768
Lewis, Carolyn B
[email protected]
Position Budget Analyst
Financial Services
Southern Wake Campus SM - 110-9 919-866-5642
Lewis, Tamala R
[email protected]
Human Resources Development
RTP Campus RT1 - 103 919-532-5521
Lewis, Florine Frances
[email protected]
Financial Aid Specialist II, Recalculation Appeals
Financial Aid
Perry Health Sciences Campus AHA - 105A 919-747-0098
Lewis, Amanda D.
[email protected]
Assistant Professor Nursing
Associate Degree Nursing (Non-
Perry Health Sciences Campus HA - 328 919-747-0085
Lewis, Michael Edward
[email protected]
Associate Dean of Academic Advising
Academic Advising
Northern Wake Campus NB - 256 919-532-5960
Lipkin, Lori A
[email protected]
PTI-Math/Physics - Physics
RTP Campus
Lister, Bethanie
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Academic Success
First Year Academy
Northern Wake Campus NF - 304 919-532-5867
Little, Donald Byron
[email protected]
Assistant Professor, Human Services Technology
Human Services Technology
Northern Wake Campus NB - 360 919-532-5671
Little, Pamela Michelle
[email protected]
Dean of Vocational Training/Chief Center Officer
Vocational Training Admin
Eastern Wake Education Center EWEC - 100 919-866-5805
Little, Keith B
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Computer Information Technology
IT Service and Support
Southern Wake Campus SE - 321Q 919-866-6173
Littlefield, Brandie
[email protected]
Professor, Biology
Life Sciences - Biology
Southern Wake Campus SC - 223 919-866-5596
Littlefield, Abby
[email protected]
Care Team Director
Academic Advising
Southern Wake Campus SL - 121-4 919-866-7573
Locklear, Aurore

[email protected]
Assistant Professor, Simulation and Game Development
Simulation & Game Development
Southern Wake Campus SE - 327J 919-866-5373
Locus, Shawnta
[email protected]
Instructor, Nursing
Associate Degree Nursing (Non-
Perry Health Sciences Campus HA - 346 919-747-0194
Loftin, Cynthia Eidson
[email protected]
Technical Assistant
Faculty Training & Development
Southern Wake Campus SA - 168A 919-866-5640
Lofton, Glenn M
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 10M A/C Heating & Refrigeration
Skilled Trades: A/C,Htg & Ref
Southern Wake Campus VMCC - 1902 919-866-5737
Lofton, Delia Lee
[email protected]
Associate Professor Radiography
Perry Health Sciences Campus HA - 228 919-747-0038
Long, Jordan Christopher
[email protected]
Business Services Assistant I
Business Services
Southern Wake Campus SA - 149 919-866-5921
Long, Jennifer Lee Trepper
[email protected]
Learning Disabilities Specialist
Disability Support Services
Southern Wake Campus SA - 138-U5 919-866-5808
Lopez-Chavoya, Victor H
[email protected]
Admissions Information Specialist
Southern Wake Campus SL - 121V-2 919-866-5322
Lora, Michael James
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Psychology
Northern Wake Campus NH - 233 919-532-5540
Love, Jj
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Art
Foreign Lang/Fine Arts - Art
Northern Wake Campus NE - 337 919-532-5898
Lovett, Penny Renee
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Spanish
Foreign Lang/Fine Arts-Spanish
Northern Wake Campus NE - 331 919-532-5590
Lovett, Gerald Todd
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M English
Northern Wake Campus NE - 439 919-532-5513
Lovin, Katie
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Mathematics
Math and Physics
Southern Wake Campus SC - 101-R 919-866-5593
Lucas, Anthony
[email protected]
Department Head, Cybersecurity
Information Technology
RTP Campus RT1 - 306H 919-335-1238
Lucas, Doug
[email protected]
End User Support Analyst I
End User Services
Southern Wake Campus SB - 130 919-866-5949
Lurie, William Robert
[email protected]
Instructor, Automotive Systems Technology
Automotive Systems Technology
Northern Wake Campus NR - 240W 919-532-5573
Luttrell, Cindy L.
[email protected]
Dean, Information Technology
Information Technology
Southern Wake Campus SE - 321W 919-866-5005
Lyczkowski, Barbara E
[email protected]
Assistant to the Dean
Engineering & Skilled Tech
Southern Wake Campus SF - 215 919-866-5161
Lyden, Todd E.
[email protected]
Director Small Business Center
Entrpnship & Small Bus.Center
Western Wake Campus MILL - 222 919-335-1081
Lynch, Terry Haddock
[email protected]
Financial Aid Specialist II
Financial Aid
RTP Campus RT1 - 105D 919-335-1245