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Name Title/Department Campus Bldg-Room Office Tel
Kabbes, Dawn M.
[email protected]
Instructor/Center Coordinator, ILC Math
Individualized Learning Ctr
401S SJ - 102A 919-866-5292
Kacyon, Christopher Joseph
[email protected]
Adm. Dept. Head, Health and Fitness Science & Physical Edu.
Health Sciences
401N NK - 265 919-532-5978
Kaiser, John James
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M History
401S SB - 204A 919-866-5187
Kalbaugh, Laura Marie
[email protected]
Dean, Academic Success and Transition Resources
Acadmc Success & Tnstn.Resrcs
401S SC - 238A 919-866-5304
Kallam, Kayrn Flynn
[email protected]
Associate Professor Nursing
Associate Degree Nursing (Non-
HS HS2 - 355 919-747-0087
Kamuabo, Emily B
[email protected]
Financial Aid Information Assistant
Financial Aid
401S SA - 166-1
Kamuabo, Jean-Pierre Katembue
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Religion
401N NE - 343 919-532-5532
Kane, Shelley Stall
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Accounting
401N NK - 253 919-532-5570
Kane, John R.
[email protected]
Instructor 9 M English as a Foreign Language
Academic Foundations
401S SD - 17 919-866-5628
Katz, Laura [email protected] Academic Advisor
401N NB - 250 919-532-5817
Kauba, Sandellyo Aimhetep
[email protected]
Instructor 9 M Networking Technology
Networking Technology

Kavcsak, Lynn Elaine
[email protected]
Dean of Career and Employment Resources
Career & Employment Resources
401S SA - 150F 919-866-5696
Kearns, Jon Paige
[email protected]
Professor/Department Head, Heavy Equipment & Transport Tech
Vehicle/Equipment Systems
401S SP - B110 919-866-5257
Kee, George Edward
[email protected]
Records Specialist I
Curriculum Records
401N NB - 216 919-532-5510
Keeley, Sarah Elizabeth
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M English
401N NE - 449 919-532-5825
Keen, Constance Gail
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Electronics Engineering Technology
Electronics Engineering Techno
401S SF - 214 919-866-5348
Kelley, Joleigh Collette
[email protected]
Operations Assistant
Public Safety Education
PSEC - 1228 919-866-6114
Kelley, Stephanie E
[email protected]
Office Assistant
Technology Svcs&Special Pgms
401N NC - 415 919-532-5689
Kelly, Mandy Beatrice Holt
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M English
OFF SB - 385 919-866-5171
Kellyman, Wanda [email protected] Coordinator, Disability Support Services
Disability Support Services
401N NF - 335 919-532-5599
Keltz, Kelli E
[email protected]
Assistant Professor/Associate Department Head, English
401S SB - 381 919-866-5058
Kennedy, Ann Marie
[email protected]
AFA - Visual Arts Pgm Dir/Assoc.Prof.9M Art (Studio Art)
Foreign Lang/Fine Arts - Art
401N NE - 331 919-532-5743
Kerrigan, Emily A
[email protected]
Instructor 9 M Art
Foreign Lang/Fine Arts - Art
401S SB - 357 919-866-5199
Kesick, Andrew R
[email protected]
Campus Police Officer
Campus Police & Security Svcs
401S SA - 102 919-866-5943
Kesler, Jessica Leigh
[email protected]
Instructor, Nursing
Associate Degree Nursing (Non-
HS HS2 - 356 919-747-0122
Kiaski, Rachel Thompson
[email protected]
Executive Director, Human Resources
Human Resources
401S SM - 214C 919-866-5888
Kiec, Kathryn Smolko
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Spanish
Foreign Lang/Fine Arts-Spanish
401S SB - 355 919-866-5197
Kilberg, Jacqueline [email protected] Library Technical Assistant I (75%)
Library Services
WEST MILL - 200B 919-335-1053
Kilmer, Patricia Kuhn
[email protected]
Instructor Medical Laboratory Technology
Medical Laboratory Technology
HS AHB - 308 919-747-0070
Kincy, William Charles
[email protected]
Coordinator of Minority Male Mentoring Program/Counselor
Academic Adv & Studnt Success
401S SL - 128-D 919-866-5507
King, Lauree N
[email protected]
Professor Nursing
Associate Degree Nursing (Non-
HS HS2 - 335 919-747-0063
King, Rachel Grace
[email protected]
eLearning Technologist
eLearning Supt.& Inst. Design
401S SD - 31 919-866-5603
King, Michael Christopher
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Business Administration
Business Administration
401S SA - 156K 919-866-5151
King, Kelly Starr
[email protected]
Operations Manager, Corporate Solutions
Corp.& Business Solutions
401N ND - 359 919-532-5688
Kirkman, Charles Gregory
[email protected]
Range Manager
Public Safety Education
PSEC - 101A 919-866-5880
Kittrell, Corey [email protected] Instructor 9M Philosophy
401S SB - 207 919-866-5571
Klein, Richard Paul
[email protected]
Instructor 9 M English
401S SB - 382 919-866-5583
Klem, Mariel Cherie
[email protected]
Student Advocacy and Support Coordinator
Academic Adv & Studnt Success
401N NB - 156 919-532-5964
Knapp, Martin Joseph
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Pre-Curriculum Math
Academic Foundations
401N SC - 219 919-866-5777
Knocklein, Elizabeth A.
[email protected]
Coordinator, Non-Credit Computer Education
Noncredit Computer Education
BEC BEC - 148A 919-334-1632
Knowles, Irina [email protected] Test Proctor (Temp. PT)
Media Prod. & Lrng. Spt. Svc.

Knox, Robert Wade
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Chemistry
HS AHB - 206 919-747-0051
Koagel, Brendon Thomas
[email protected]
IT Analyst II - Networking
Infrastructure and Operations
401S SB - 112 919-866-5135
Kranig, Michelle Christine
[email protected]
Assistant to the VP of Human Resources & College Safety
Human Resources
401S SM - 214-3 919-866-5936
Kraszeski, Marlene M.
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Dental Hygiene
Dental Hygiene
HS HSB - 233 919-747-0137
Kroeger, Danielle L
[email protected]
PTI-Humanities-Political Science
Political Science
401N NC - 317 919-532-5758