Employee Directory
Name Title/Department Campus Bldg-Room Office Tel
Jackson, Fields Lee
[email protected]
Industry Trainer, BioNetwork Capstone Center
Bionetwork Capstone Center
Jackson, Michelle Antonitte
[email protected]
Dean, Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts
Southern Wake Campus SB - 204L 919-866-5032
Jahani, Firooz
[email protected]
Research Analyst
James, Elvin L
[email protected]
Associate Dean of Outreach
Southern Wake Campus SA - 168D 919-866-5219
James, Christopher T.
[email protected]
Associate Professor Information Security
Southern Wake Campus SE - 321L 919-866-5340
Jarrett, Yolanda
[email protected]
CCP Enrollment and Acacemic Advisor
Career & College Promise
Northern Wake Campus NB - 219
Jefferies, Maribel
[email protected]
Director, Cosmetology and Natural Hair
Professional Services
BEC BEC - 401D 919-334-1588
Jefferies, Vince
[email protected]
General Facilities Technician
Facilities North East
Jefferson, Phillip H.
[email protected]
Associate Professor/Program Director, Architectural Tech.
Dsgn & Const: Architect Tech
Southern Wake Campus SF - 231 919-866-5353
Jeffries, Donna G
[email protected]
Receptionist/Office Assistant
Special Pjcts & Educt'l Pgms.
Southern Wake Campus SL - Lobby 919-866-7955
Jenkins, Benjamin Lewis
[email protected]
Applications Analyst III
Enterprise Solutions
Jenkins, Paul Franklin
[email protected]
Associate Dean Community and Career Education
Operations & Assessment
Northern Wake Campus NC - 429 919-532-5557
Jetton, Karen B
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Business Administration
Business Administration
Southern Wake Campus SA - 156M 919-866-6143
Jewell, Kenneth Michael
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Mathematics
Math and Physics
Southern Wake Campus SC - 101W 919-866-5967
Johnson, Mia M
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Health & Fitness Science
Health and Fitness Science
Northern Wake Campus NK - 269 919-532-5722
Johnson, Hollie V
[email protected]
Library Technical Assistant II
Library Services
Southern Wake Campus SD - 103D 919-866-5578
Johnson, Jannai Channette
[email protected]
Director, CCR Program Performance & Accountability
CCR Program Accountability
Johnson, Jessica
[email protected]
Assistant Registrar - Compliance and Registration Services
Registration & Records
Northern Wake Campus NB - 206A 919-532-5711
Johnson, Stephanie Nicole
[email protected]
Director WCE Financial Resources & Student Support
Financial Resources & Stu Supt
Public Safety Education Campus PSEC - 1119 919-747-0130
Johnson, Court

[email protected]
Communications and Marketing
Southern Wake Campus SM - 212 F 919-866-5946
Johnson, Gregory Arnold
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Biology
Life Sciences - Biology
Northern Wake Campus NH - 265 919-532-5765
Johnson, Scott Taylor
[email protected]
Senior Professor, Biology
Life Sciences - Biology
Southern Wake Campus SC - 220 919-866-5604
Johnson, David
[email protected]
Director of Technology and Training, Academic Advising
Academic Advising
Southern Wake Campus SL - 121-13 919-866-5432
Johnson, Amber Marie
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Simulation and Game Development
Simulation & Game Development
Southern Wake Campus SE - 327H 919-866-5964
Johnson, Wanda McNeil
[email protected]
Professor/Program Director - Mammography
Perry Health Sciences Campus HA - 230 919-747-0039
Johnson, Anna J.
[email protected]
Associate Dean, Financial Aid
Financial Aid
Southern Wake Campus SL - 013E 919-866-5002
Johnson, Leslie Nicole
[email protected]
Assoc. Professor/Program Director, Practical Nursing
Associate Degree Nursing (Non-
Perry Health Sciences Campus HA - 325 919-747-0177
Johnson, Nicole Michelle
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Accounting
RTP Campus RT2 - 340C 919-866-7229
Johnson, Lesia Kay
[email protected]
Accounting Technician - Financial Aid
Financial Services
Southern Wake Campus SM - 110-13 919-866-5905
Jones, Michael
[email protected]
Associate Department Head, English as a Foreign Language
Liberal Arts
Southern Wake Campus SC - 109C 919-866-5627
Jones, Carolyn Ann
[email protected]
Office Assistant
Academic Advising
Southern Wake Campus SL - 121D-2 919-866-7962
Jones, Tewana Michelle
[email protected]
Financial Aid Specialist II, GPA & Completion Rate
Financial Aid
Southern Wake Campus SL - 015E 919-866-6216
Jones, Kathryn Coughlin
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Communications
Northern Wake Campus NE - 325 919-532-5543
Jones, Hope

[email protected]
Evaluation Assistant II
Southern Wake Campus SL - 252-6 919-866-5789
Jones, Amy Lynn
[email protected]
Instructor/Coordinator, ABE Tops
BEC BEC - 152A 919-334-1558
Jones, Brenda Marie
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Psychology
Southern Wake Campus SB - 271 919-866-5206
Jones, Austin H
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Mathematics
Math and Physics
Northern Wake Campus ND - 453 919-532-5924
Jones, James Antonael
[email protected]
Event Technician
Jones-Sutton, Anne M.
[email protected]
Dean, Nursing
Nursing Admin
Perry Health Sciences Campus HA - 360 919-747-0080
Jordan, Cathey
[email protected]
Associate Department Head - Math and Physics
Mathematics & Sciences
Southern Wake Campus SC - 101-K 919-866-5982
Joyner, Betsy Anne
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Pre-Curriculum Mathematics
Academic Foundations
Northern Wake Campus NF - 414 919-532-5747
Joyner, Kobie
[email protected]
Department Head,Network and Computer Technology
Information Technology
RTP Campus RT1 - 306F 919-335-1271